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PETA's latest: Milk Gone Wild

PETA lets us know that their latest effort to convince people that milk doesn't do a body good is a spoof of all those girls gone wild videos. This time with real udders.

But not only that, PETA’s "Milk Gone Wild" 30-second TV ad has been rejected by ABC executives, who turned down the $2.2 million PETA was prepared to pay to run the spot during Super Bowl XL. ABC rejected the ad on the grounds that it "falls outside the boundaries of good taste". Because everything else about the superbowl is just oh-so classy and risque jokes have never ever been shown. No chimps hitting on their owners dates, and no fire farts, to name but two. Rrright.


Creatives own TV channel? (Flash 8 req.) is a new show and site where creatives from all walks of life can strut their stuff.

They are currently looking for submissions from pros, students and the gifted - commercials, VJ videos, short films and animation etc.


Coke Ad Ticks Off American Trucking Association

You might be surprised to hear who's unhappy about Coca Cola's Full Throttle pre-game ad. No it's not Red Bull, who the ad goes after (literally). The president of American Trucking Associations has written the chairman and chief executive officer of Coca-Cola expressing the ATA’s concern over the spot where a loaded Full Throttle semi-tractor trailer forces a much smaller passenger (Red Bull) vehicle off the road.


Super Bowl XL Advertising Bonanza Spoiler

Just over a week until the Super Bowl XL. We've assembled all the dirt on what you can expect to see. As always, there are probably a good number of secrets yet. But it seems this year, many advertisers are using the pre-game time to use the press to give some extra PR to their spots.

Here is an UPDATED list of the spots broken down by air time (if we know it) that you can expect to see this year.

If you prefer to be surprised, don't read for more. ;)


A crap of a day

Today is Thomas Crapper Day.
The date honors the passing of the man, not his birthday (which is unknown) or his invention of the flushing toilet (which is a myth). I have to say I'm a bit disturbed by the number of online greeting cards for this holiday.

Anyway, we've rounded up some toilet related ads for your viewing pleasure.


Uncle sam wishes you a happy tax day

Look, I just wanna know - what the hell were the creatives on this job smoking? Where can I get some? And how did they make the client light up long enough to buy it? Oooh, oh, I see, it was the clients stash. Okay....


Google Pontiac and get a lot of blogs banter.

An interesting shift is going on at the end of commercials - Pontiac is asking people to "google pontiac", see
LocalZing - Local Internet Marketing

"GM seems to think that associating with such a trusted and generally unbiased brand that some of that might rub off on GM/Pontiac."

Oh so THAT'S Why they were all saying "AOL KEYWORD = X" in ads these past hundred internet years. To have a great brand to rub off on their own brand? Naaaaaah. ;)

In any case it'll be interesting to see if people will try to googlebomb the word Pontiac so that it leads to another Pontiac than the car brand Pontiac GM expects you to find when you google Pontiac.