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Frank Lowe names agency Red Brick Road

Set to open on March 1st at 50-54 Beak Street in Soho, London, Frank Lowe and his team have decided on a name for their agency.

Inspired by a discussion with a 19-year-old teacher from London about the route that Dorothy chose not to journey down in The Wizard of Oz. The agency will be called the Red Brick Road.

Meanwhile, the agency is still working on recruiting. Last week, they offered jobs to 25 staff who could become redundant at Lowe London when Tesco leaves. They also have been working on courting partners for the agency as well.

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Battle of the ad blogs - 2nd Sunday

So, the Sunday game update is a little late this Sunday, as it is officially Monday here in Denmark now. Sorry about that, but I was busy pouring through the logs - manually as I trust no one but my own eyes (it's a control freak thing I won't let you understand), looking for any signs of foul play.

And I found none. So y'all can breathe a sigh of relief now. Some battle-bloggers and cheerleaders were a little concerned that some blogs enourmus spikes were created through good old fashioned cheating. It isn't. But don't worry kids, I'll keep a close eye on the logs just in case.

Read more - Sunday traditional linkfest inside. Lets see how our players are doing!


Resumé - Battle of the ad Blogs

The battle of the ad blogs was announced to the Swedish ad world on the weekly magazine Resume's website.


UN lauds advertising agencies for their pro-bono work

The UN has awarded three agencies for their pro-bono work that reflects the ideals and goals of the UN. The UNDPI awards are jointly sponsored by the UN Department of Public Information (UNDPI) and The New York Festivals.

Three campaigns were selected, one print and two television. The Gold UNDPI award went to Leo Burnett Publicidade Ltda (Brazil) for "Favela", a print advertisement to raise awareness about poverty. Silver went to Leo Burnett Paris (France) for a campaign for "Enfance et Partage," a non-governmental organization (NGO) working to prevent child abuse. And DDB Jakarta (Indonesia) won Bronze for "Supermarket Baby," a television campaign about the trafficking of infants for adoption for Yayasan Jurnal Perempuan.


Mouse Brains v1b - Online Ad Idea Generation Tool

I've just launched Mouse Brains - an online brainstorming tool designed for advertising creatives. It's very beta right now - and not fully tested on the Mac. Please have a play - and send any constructive feedback you may have.


Niel French apologises - kinda

niel french
Niel French apologises, maybe, for all that kerfluffle after his talk "A night with Neil French" arranged by in Toronto, Canada last October

He says that french maid was as big of a surprise to him as it was to the audience, and:

"However to be a Creative Director in advertising requires a special kind of lunacy. A Creative Director is in charge of the welfare of the entire company, keeping wildly talented (but often weird) producers of work involved, dedicated, and willing to sweat
and strain over long hours and stupid deadlines for the good of the client and the firm. And these absurd conditions occur as unpredictably as earthquakes and tsunamis but more frequently.

To walk away from that responsibility would be utterly unprofessional and immediately disqualify anyone from holding the position."

I'd like to introduce French to many of my past Creative Directors, all men, who left work at 5:15 to pick up their kids from school and daycare, leaving me at the office burning the midnight oil as usual. But since that would take up too much of my precious time, I'll be content with reminding him that it's only advertising after all.


Ad free? No, pro ad!

We told you about the Ad free blog owl earlier this week. Well it didn't take too long for the opposite to appear. The Pro Ad Blog bunny allows you to show the world that you dig ads on blogs.


You Are Germany! Du Bist Deutschland!

Du Bist Deutschland...Sig Heil!

The blogging world is all excited by the latest slogan for promoting Germany - "Du Bist Deutschland" ("You Are Germany"). Which unfortunately was also a Nazi propaganda slogan. The genius behind it, Jean-Remy von Matt, heads up a P.R./Marketing mob called Jung Von Matt. Here's a translation of what he said to explain himself and why the bloggers are pissed off.