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Melania Trump is the sultry voice that sexes up aflac duck

Melania Trump's biggest commercial gig to date is her starring role in an upcoming Aflac commercial. The ad, called "Experiment" features her purring out the words "Aflac" instead of Gilbert Gottfried usual squeal due to the intervention of a mad scientist who messed with the ducks voice. This crazy ad-story apparantly, is designed to lend that duck som sex appeal. Sex appeal? It's a a duck people!
"We want to give Aflac some sex appeal; that’s what the commercial is all about" said the billionaire bride.


Donny Deutsch beach shots gets Jeison Rodriguez fired and then hired.

Way back in Feb Gareth Kay posted some leaked glamor-shots of Donny Deutsch, comparing him to David Brent from The Office. "Well an email is spreading like wildfire featuring various shots of your friend and mine, Donny Deutsch."

This email, and other like it is getting the sender in trouble - actually it got him fired. Art Director Jeison Rodriguez got the boot for emailing the bikini-shot AdFreak reports.
Now, one may wonder many things after seeing this, for one why in the hell would Donny keep giving his Art Directors pictures of himself that make him look a total twat since they keep ending up being circulated? Or...maybe this is all part of a viral campaign to get people to watch his craptracular show?
Jeison Rodriguez isn't hurting at all though, after getting fired for emailing around said images he simply went on to email more images and got job offers from places where balls and a high degree of assholeness are required traits. None of these offers panned out though, but Jeison is happy with his freelance gig while he waits for the right steady gig to come along.


Viagra gets rough with Virgin - forces them to pull ad

Aaah, too many pun possibilities here, pun-overload!

Rainey Kelly Campbell Roalfe/Y&R has ticked off Pfizer and Viagra by using their familiar little blue bill shape as a visual in an ad poster for Virgin airlines. In their poster, the pill is inscribed with "Virgin" and the copy reads: "Virgin Upper Class Suite. The biggest, firmest, longest bed in business."

Pfizer didn't see the funny in that and complained saying the diamond shape is trademarked and these Virgin posters are infringing on Pfizer's intellectual property. Virgin has agreed to remove the posters within the next few days. Another Virgin poster they'll no longer run reads: "We're bigger than BA in the bedroom department".

click on image for a larger version.


Naomi Cambell acts up in ad for Tesco

In a TV advert that premiered Monday night Naomi Cambell parodies her own angry reputation for Tesco's brand Cherokee clothing. In the ad Naomi is seen arriving at a hotel and madly beating down those starbursts that reveal how inexpensive her outfit really his, until she throws a real hissyfit and wrestles a starburst to the floor. The ad ends with her being led away by the local police and the strapline "Design by Cherokee. Price by Tesco".

The next ad, a 10-second "tail-ad" that follows the first in a block of commercials, shows Naomi loosing it at an anger management meeting when more starbursts appear to ruin her day.


Swedish Young Creatives team chosen for Cannes competition

Last night the first half of the Young Creatives Sweden competition was completed and the winners were given their prizes at a party/ceremony held at Nordic Light Hotel, Stockholm. The winning team is John Bergdahl & Karin Frisell who will travel to Cannes this summer and compete in young creatives down there. This is the second time John Bergdahl gets to compete in the Young Creatives down in Cannes, though last year he was teamed with Richard Hallberg.

The brief was to bring in research money for the Childcenter at Astrid Lindgrens Sjukhus, the target was new parents and grandparents, the media dictated was a Newspaper ad and a banner-ad.
One team went all out and off-brief, Samuel Åkesson and Tomas Manovsky, and actually raised money for the cause - for their efforts they got a honorable mention and a special YC diploma.


Check services from PSFK trendspotters

Not all blogs have to sell ad-space to gather revenue, some sell their skills. Like the PSFK blog posse, who have started to produce a range of products and services based on their trend spotting skills. If you haven't heard of them yet, PSFK is a collaborative trend spotting blog that is read by marketers around the globe.
Clients such as Anheuser Busch have commissioned the PSFK team for their services which includes trend reports and managing client's very own trend blogs. You can see more over at check services from PSFK.


Lee and Dan say: we've been up to no good again

We've had a bit of election fever and made some Party Election Broadcast spoofs. The ads were commissioned by Channel 4 News' Independents' Fund and will be broadcast within Channel 4 News as the last item for the next three nights.

"We think it's what the parties would produce if they weren't limited by political correctness", says Lee.

For a sneak preview of each ad which will be airing on UK tv 26th April 7.50pm and 27th April 7.50pm. The Following links are Windows Media films only:

Labour this link here

Conservative this link here

Lib Dem This Link here

The web page in full: Channel 4 election2005


Mince Mary advert the most complained about ad last year.

The UK advertising watchdog Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) announced our favorite toplist on Tuesday by releasing their annual report. Top honor goes to an ad shilling mince meat pies, which became the most complained about advert in the UK last year.

In the TV commercial for Mr Kipling's mince pies, Mary is seen giving birth in what seems to be a hospital but is later revealed the be a church hall. More than 800 people were offended and complained, the advert was judged to have breached advertising codes and was withdrawn.