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Sex shop spot banned by Canadian TV

This ad from the folks at Bos was recently banned by Telecaster (the agency responsible for approving TV ads in canada).


Tag Body Spray auctions off date with Carmen Electra reports that Gillette Co.'s Tag Body Spray is giving males ages 15 to 20 a chance for a date with the 33-year old Mrs. Dave Navarro. The bidding winner will get an all-expense-paid trip to Los Angeles to have dinner with Carmen Electra at "one of Hollywood's hottest restaurants."
Those under the age of 18 have to have a parent do the bidding for them.

The proceeds of the auction will go to the National Prostate Cancer Coalition. So far bidding has reached $17,200.

Is it just me or isn't it a bit strange that the ages of eligibility are so much younger than Ms. Electra? And she is married. Maybe the fact that her husband is Dave Navarro might keep the winner for trying to get asked up to her place after dinner- bouncy bouncy. ;)


The Chip Shop awards will be on the Fringe

The Chip Shop awards is the place where a brain packed with ideas can dream up the most outrageous ads for any client on any product with any spend you can conjure up and enter. All those idea darlings that were too smart, too lewd, too clever by half are ripe for appreciation at the Chip Shop awards. Nothing fazes this jury - they even have a "best knob gag" category!


ANNA Award for creativity in newspaper adverts

Back in December of 2004, the Newspaper Marketing Agency (NMA) in the UK launched the Awards for National Newspaper Advertising, a.k.a. the ANNAs, with the goal spotlight "the best of newspaper ads and to inspire agencies and advertisiers to perform new feats of creative brilliance."

Each month a creative director is chosen to nominate ads they come across in the national papers. Judges for 2005 include: Peter Souter of AMV BBDO, Dave Dye of Campbell Doyle Dye, Richard Flintham of Fallons, John O'Keefe of BBH, Charles Inge of CHI, Trevor Beattie of TBWA/London, Jeremy Craigen of DDB London, Ed Morris of Lowe London, Tony Davidson of Wieden + Kennedy, Leon Jaume of WCRS, and Gerry Moira of Euro RSCG.

March's ANNA Award went to Art Director Emer Stamp and Copywriter Ben Tollett of Miles Calcraft Briginshaw Duffy for Millets, an outdoor adventure retail chain.


Talking out of your ass? UK EleXion 2005

Elections and politics really bring out the virals and games doesn't it?
Try Madame Tussauds Lie Detector test where you can see if you too have the talent that you can talk out of your ass, just like politicians.
Fantasy cabinet is a game, where if you choose a cabinet that most closely resembles what Tony Blair goes for, you'll be in the top 10 league of political predictors and will win an ipod.
Channel 4 offers a toy for all the who are turned on by the issues but turned off by the bullshit, the EleXion 2005 machine, where you can find out which parties truly push your buttons.
Update: The last video from Backing Blair before the election was just released as well, the Iraq war in 30 seconds. Happy voting all.


Ad Guy Starter kit - everything you need to be creative.

For all thee newly grads with smokin' portfolios from hip portfolio school, you are not ready yet, you won't be ready until you get the Ad Guy Starter Kit. Go straight to the commercial here.
Yes, the Ad Guy Starter Kit includes a dickie, a Soul-Patch, a pair of really sharp Glasses, a cool Certificate of Creativity, an impressive looking Creanus Award, an 8 piece Tchotchke Set, a Coffee Shop Gift Card and of course, a Bagel with Cream Cheese. Everything you need to rock the creative department. Young Isaac says:

Had it not been for the Ad Guy Starter Kit and our sporty new soul patches, we would probably have been misfit tax accountants (not that there's anything wrong with that).

Now, I wouldn't be me unless I murmured that I had this strange deja vu sensation going on... I'm sure the hive mind of adgrunts know if a similar gag has been done before, or correct me if I'm wrong.

Save Louis Vuitton? From What exactly?

Our buddies Researcher and TextURL have both noticed the strange story of the Louis Vuitton markings on Yale schoolyard.

Lawmeme posted: "Yale's Louis Vuitton® Sidewalk" april 26, with images of the drawn on sidewalks. The poster Rebecca Bolin asked students who were doodling on the pavement what it was all about and got the reply: "to raise awareness".