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Banned TV Spot - John Woo style

If account people don't kill a fun concept, then the lawyers will. This moving spot was banned from officially airing on television.


W+K Make an Impossible Dream for Honda

W+K London has a new campaign for Honda, called "The Power of Dreams". The 120 second spot was directed by Stink's Ivan Zacharias and features Andy Morris' "The Impossible Dream". Click on the image to see the spot. Read more to see the print components of the campaign.


Knife City - Met police ad

Researcher tips us to the film Knife City - a 25 MB Quicktime film from the Metropolitan Police set in gameland...


Young Guns award gives young gun of the year to "balls"

Young Guns award has given their 2005 YoungGun of the Year award to Juan Cabral for the commercial Sony Bravia Balls.
Well done Juan! Juan must be the only person on the team that is under 30 - Nicolai Fuglsig who shot it is 33 for example. Age is just a number though, all you need to know is that the main award from the award show who aims to create opportunities for young creatives has gone to one of the most expensive, outrageously dream-brief-like, worldwide aired commercials - an ad we all wish we had the opportunity to make, I'm sure.
This doesn't seem to quite fit with the awards philosophy of shining a light on the unestablished young guys, that Michael Kean talked to us about back in 2001: "All you have to do is look at the winners lists from Cannes & D&AD etc. to see how young creatives are being neglected."
In the case of Sony Bravia, I don't think so. It'll probably sweep any and all of the award shows this year, regardless of what age one may be when entering.

Menno Kluin wins student of the year for the posters Hubba Bubba ad 1 and Hubba Bubba ad 2 - despite their similarity to say, the Skittles commercial where a guy flies away with his bubble and the thousand other variations that came before it. Congrats.


Xmas gift tips: HOW magazine + 2 free books

Xmas gift tip - for you. If you fancy HOW Design and want to brush up on your skills on selling yourself so you might start the new year at another hotter agency, check out this offer. You can get both the "A Designer's Guide to Creativity" and "Pick Me!" books free when you try out a free issue of How Design mag.
When you renew your sub, do it here - who said xmas gifts had to be for other people anyway? ;) For more ad oriented folk there's also: Pick Me : Breaking Into Advertising and Staying There

Previous Xmas gift tip - Paul Arden Book


Motorola bunnies in the movies

Creative generalist tips us to this Nexus Productions animated film for Motorola. In it we se scenes from Bunnysferatu, Anatomy of a bunny, Bunnytropolis, The Great Bunny Escape, BunnyTron, and Saturday Bunny Fever... among others, but I'll let you spot the rest since you seem to have so much fun doing that with the Virgin game.

(Quicktime movie, large file)


Eurobest 2005

Eurobest 2005 wrapped up yesterday. And that means the results are in. Agency of the Year went to TBWA/Paris, and was followed by Publicis Conseil and DDB London. The only category not to have a Grand Prix awarded was radio. Read more to see the Grand Prix and Gold winners.


Get Firefox campaign pays site owners $1for each person who switches

The browser wars heat up as Explorer destroyer gives away a free IE-detect script that asks IE users to switch, and if they do Google adsense pays referral money. You read that right, Google is paying $1 for each new Firefox user you refer.

Curiosity killed the cat they say, and we simply had to try this out - will people switch? Will this crazy campaign spread to many more sites? Imagine if it spread all over, I'd switch away explorer just to get rid of that ugly bar on top. ;) Web-peer-pressure? We won't keep it up forever - but we must see if it works so lets give it a week.

Firefox, Opera, Safari, Mozilla etc users, see this demo over at to see what you are missing up at the very top of adland these days. Would you participate in this campagn if you had a website+Google adsense? If not, why not? What do you think of this tactic, will it work? Can it work?

Explorer Destroyer