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Bloggforum 2.0, the aftermath

As y'all know (if you've been paying attention, hehe) I was at the Bloggforum 2.0 in Stockholm last Saturday participating in a round table type of discussion around the topic of "Blogs and companies".
Not my favorite topic of the bunch, I was much more keen on the parallel talk "Blogs and media" which was in the room across the hall at the same time, and thanks to all the helpful participants with their MP3 podcasts I can at least listen to it now. Yeay!
And yes, this means that there is a podcast of your humble site-mum ranting on at the Bloggforum available here (mp3), thanks to the efforts of Richard Gatarski at Skolsmart. It's in Swedish though, a language I'm not used to presenting in which might explain my slight stutter as I roam my brain for the right words. Or maybe I was just dead nervous, yeah that's it. ;)


The Media Drop Survey: What would you pay to access news and information?

Surveys are best when they get a lot of data, so if you have a minute to spare, share your input with the media drop by filling in this teeny tiny survey so that we can all see what people really think about signing up for 'free' accounts to read news. Do you do it?

Personally, it bugs me to sign up to read something, not because I have to fill in two pages of info about me (I lie every time), but because I always loose my passwords and never seem to be able to get them back. Probably because I lie even on what my email is, so I can't remember even that key piece of info when I try to figure out how to log back in. Serves me right doesn't it? ;) Also, the news site is always covered with flash and flashing banners, ugh. God bless adblock!

Totally unrelated, Gareth Kay passed me a 'Musical Baton' which I replied to here on my linklog


Happy Birthday to the original Happy Cog

Zeldman celebrates 10 years of mesmerizing us all online. You might know him best for the fab ad graveyard (and before you ask, yes, that's my dead campaign, and yes that's 'our' Claymore), or the frequently used icons, or maybe for his book Designing with web standards. Or the countless other ways he has made his presence known in the creative quarters of the web and the alleys of the advertising scene. Three cheers for Zeldman, (in Swedish) Hurra! Hurra! Hurra!.


Olympus banned ad becomes Olympus Viral Campaign

Monday may 23 went up and had a few films on it. A week later it was taken down...Fortunately it was up long enough for people to download the films..... ;)


AdFormatie - Dutch Tradepress 2005

A very Painful rendition of Donna Summer's hit is what we called the self-promo video from Mindshare ....and Adformatie in Holland felt obliged to quote us on that. :)


Czech Dream

Built it and they will come. And come they did. But they left as an angry, blood-thirsty mob!


Puma Summer 2005 eCatalog

Get your hands on Puma's 2005 eCatalog. It's a really creative execution of a would-be boring online catalog. A real page turner.


Marketing Sherpa's 2nd Ad-Blog survey

Holy Cow! AdLand has again ended up on Marketing Sherpa's Readers Choice Awards list for ad blogs!

They've grouped their readers' fave blogs and they are ready to be rated by you! This year's winner takes home fame, glory and a Marketing Sherpa coffee mug! Take a minute and vote for your faves.