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Kia's save the greenbacks campaign

Scott @ the Media Orchard tips us to this post Environmentally Unconscious, a rant about Kia's "Save the Greenbacks" Campaign, posted on Tuesday January 10, 2006. Something which, oddly enough, was posted at the DailyKos Monday Jan 09, but links to Tuesdays post at the Orchard. How twilight zone! ;)

Anyway, their point is that ads parodying Greenpeace type actions when talking about gas guzzling cars ain't very smart. On that we might agree, though I'm much more enraged by the plagiarism, as Toyota did that idea better back in 2004! Super adgrunts, see for yourself:


User-bar: The latest trend among teens

Nowadayas, User-bars are so populer among teens. User-Bars are small grafics for forum signature, which help them to show a tiny bit of their personality in an attractive way. I am what my brand is...

For example, if you love adidas and you are keen coke drinker, you can use them as your forum signature

i think user-bars are very inspireing for brands to help people self-express themselves with brands. There is huge opportunities

here is a link to


Panasonic launches "Capture the Motion II" short film project

Panasonic just launched "Capture the Motion II." Five designers from around the world, Hilton Tennant (S.


Most emotional commercials...another survey.

So, we've solved the most epic commercials quandry. As well as the funniest. Now, here's another "most" survey.

What are the most successful emotional commercials you've ever seen? What come to mind for me are the eToys campaign from a few years ago. Some of Hill Holliday's work for John Hancock Financial Services also comes to mind.

(For purposes of this survey, I think we should omit public service ads. While some of the Australian drunk driving commercials and American AIDS awareness commercials pull some heart strings, I think it's harder to do a commercial for, say, a baby food that doesn't just reek of stale cheese.)

What do you all think?



Sexy Streetside Marketing in NYC by Gorilla Kingdom

Gorilla Kingdom is bringing a new level of fun to the
(Malin+Goetz) flagship store in Chelsea. Every evening, young men and women will be showering together to show the locals how the Malin+Goetz shampoo, conditioner, and body cleanser are really meant to be used.
It's all part of a unique video installation designed by Gorilla Kingdom, a multimedia production company based in New York. New videos will be added monthly in 2006, so stop by often between 5pm and 2am to take a peek.


Advertisers line up for Super Bowl XL advertising

Adage has their preliminary list of who's advertising in Super Bowl XL up.

The Usual Suspects, back again:
Anheuser-Busch, with the largest number (as usual) of spots has 10 again this year throughout the game by a variety of agencies (again, as usual)
Last year's spots: Skydiver, Island Fantasy, Picture Phone, Donkey look what you started, Cockatoo, Heros Salute/Thank You, Pucker Up, and Cedric Designated Driver

Pepsi-Cola Co. has bought a total fo four 30-second spots, with at least one for Diet Pepsi. Ad agency for Diet Pepsi is DDB, New York
Last year's spots: Diet Pepsi Truck, Guy Watcher, Bottle Songs, and Rich Girl

Ameriquest Mortgage Co. is back with two 30-second spots by DDB, Los Angeles
Last year's spots: Robbery and Romantic Dinner/Cat


Malaysian Advertising gets ready for pitch fees

The Malaysian Advertisers Association (MAA) has submitted six points to be considered by the Association of Accredited Advertising Agents Malaysia (4As) in the latter’s implementation of pitch fees for advertisers.

MAA president Shahar Noor said, "We just want to make sure the implementation of the pitch fees is beneficial to both sides."

However, Shahar declined to reveal the six points submitted to 4As since they are still at a preliminary stage.


Windows Live Dance Troupe @ CES

Inside the Microsoft tent at the Consumer Electronics Show, there is a group rehearsing for what will no doubt go down as one of the more, um, eye-catching marketing stunts in company history.

Microsoft marketers worked with agency collaborators Wexley School for Girls and General Public to assemble this comedic dance squad to do its thing at the show, basically drawing attention to the new Windows Live brand while wearing shirts promoting the website URL: IDEAS.LIVE.COM

The dance troup will be performing randomly along the Vegas strip, and on the Microsoft stage throughout CES. If you spot them, be sure to pick up the killer tubesocks and headbands that they are handing out as shwag.

(read more to see dancers in action)