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OzWatch survey shows a Big Ad as favorite

The latest OzWatch ad survey, funded by Melbourne advertising shop Onion Communications, asked 1200 Australians what their favorite television ad was. The top spot went to Carlton Draught's "Big Ad". Second place went to the Simple Life campaign from Optus featuring a bunch of singing animals.


Cannes organizers redefine Titanium award

Cannes Titanium award for 2006 will champion ideas not integration. Instead of focusing on integrated cross-media work, the award will be given out to those who have 'big, bold ideas'.

Terry Savage, executive chairman of the festival, said: "This year we have removed the integrated tag, because in the spirit of what Dan Wieden originally stated, Titanium Lions celebrate something bigger and more transcendent than descriptions such as 'integrated'."

"This is a competition for big, bold ideas that are innovative; for work that is provocative, challenges assumptions and points to a new direction for the world of advertising and communications," Savage said.


Car Jak'd

Maverick's latest viral spot Car Jak'd rips into a notorious dancing robot who busts one move too many.

The viral campaign launches today for Sony Playstation 2's 'Jak X ' - combat racing with an epic storyline.

The film was animated by Alex Mallison (animator or the 2CV Bot) with tracking by The Viral Chart.


Portrayal of women in Asian advertising

According to a survey done in Asian countries by custom market research agency 'Research International', today's woman has become smarter, more discerning and more confident, but in contrast, advertising has been slow to respond to the changing attitudes of women.

"Brand owners are failing to engage female consumers with their communication," said the study -- 'Communicating with modern urban women in Asia'.

The survey, which was conducted in cities, including Mumbai, Shanghai, Bangkok and Singapore, said that advertisers continued to portray women in poor light.

"Marketers are continuing to present women in traditional roles and focus on old cliches, resulting in the alienation of many female consumers," it said.

The study was aimed at determining what works and what does not when communicating with women in order to help the industry find a fresh perspective, while dealing with this important consumer segment.

The report found that women unanimously disapproved of advertisements which portrayed them as being unable to solve problems.


The Official AdLand Advertising Tutorial Series - Radio

Recently, a gloriously naive advertising student wrote AdLand, asking for the key points of writing a radio script. Since school seems to have failed this poor, unfortunate youngster, we thought we'd take it upon ourselves to help out... in a very AdLandish way.


Naked Mannequin Mazda spot gets cleared

The Register reports that even though there were 404 complaints about Mazda's commercial showing a female mannequin that becomes sexually aroused by a driving experience, it has rejected them all.

The ad showed a man loading female mannequins wearing lingerie into the back of a Mazda car. As the Advertising Standards Agency describes it: "The camera focused on the smooth breasts of one of the mannequins."

Viewers of the TV and cinema ad saw the man driving around a city, inter-cut with shots of the same mannequin's face and its hand hitching up its negligee to expose the top of its stockings. Its eyes glazed over. The man parked outside a lingerie store and lifted the mannequin out of the car. Its chest was at his eye level. Its nipples were now erect. The driver gave the mannequin a bemused look. There was a shot of the mannequin's face and the sound of a woman's giggle. A voiceover said: "The all new Mazda 5. Surprisingly stimulating".


Wal-Mart launches national holiday campaign, features celebrities at home

"Wal-Mart Stores rolled out its holiday campaign today, marking the earliest the retailer has ever launched its holiday efforts.

Along with the campaign being Wal-Mart's earliest, it is also Wal-Mart's first campaign to feature celebrities and be integrated across all media channels and in-store signage. "

Wal-Mart Press Release