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Triple deuce badlander combo, with a cherry on top.

Well folks, it happens - we know it happens all the time in creative offices worldwide - the idea diety waves her duality wand and presto, you're in Badland.

Today we look at Panasonic Wet/Dry Shavers vs Edge Shaving cream, Ford 500 vs Harley Davidson and Xbox vs the WWF. A dupliclaim hat trick!


Padded timesheets at Ogilvy, Federal prosecutors not pleased

Oh No, they're on to us!
AdAge reports that Ogilvy and Mather who worked on the White House anti-drug ad account undertook an"extensive effort to falsify timesheets" in a conspiracy to defraud the government, and that "hundreds of Ogilvy employees were instructed to lie" about the hours they billed.

"Creative people do not want to be troubled with timesheets." That's right folks. We don't understand numbers, we think 1+1=5! But at least we are good at what we do;

The quality of Ogilvy's work was not at issue, Ms. Berger conceded. "I expect you will hear the ONDCP was extremely impressed by the quality of work" Ogilvy did, she told the jury.

Tories attack Labour for anti semetic ad campaign.

In a case of classic spin doctoring, the Tories are attacking the Labour party for their anti-semitic posters depicting Michael Howard and Oliver Letwin as pigs. Another poster featured Mr Howard swinging a pocket watch on a chain and the strapline, "I can spend the same money twice." The pose has been likened to that of Jewish pickpocket Fagin from Charles Dickens' Oliver and money lender Shylock from Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice.
"The accusations amount to a huge amount of bugger all," said a source at Labour to the Guardian. "The story is a load of bollocks."


"Salaries for Rights Clearance types just went up. Way up."

So said Jordan Stratford on adlist when he tipped us to the story of the model whose image was used for years without his permission on Taster's Choice coffee labels.


Citizens United thanks Hollywood A-list on billboards

Citizens United has booked billboard space near the near the Kodak Theatre (where the Acadamy Awards are held) for the month of February. The billboards that look like they have been art directed by a chimp with glaucoma thank Hollywood A-listers for their help getting President Bush reelected. Michael Moore, Whoopi Goldberg, Ben Affleck, Martin Sheen, Chevy Chase, Barbara Streisand, and Sean Penn are the targets for this highly illogical campaign. (read more)


L'Oreal apologizes to customer for offending "pedophile vibes" ad

Proof that one lone complaint can kick up a shitstorm if it's done right is this story from Sweden. Sara who blogs at Hedgehog in a storm opened a magazine the other day to find a L'Oreal ad which sent "pedophile vibes", she reacted quite strongly to. She reported the ad to ERK, the Ethical Advertising watchdog of Sweden, and the Market Ethic advisors, but she didn't stop there. Sara who works as a children ombudsman also sent off press releases, and pretty soon she was contacted by SVT local news....

So far in the story, woman from target market 1, L'Oreal 0.


Introducing The Shabbies, from the bAd Club, Bombay.

Adgrunts in India will want to vent some spleen by reccomending categories for (and later voting at) the bAd Club's The Shabbies, which seek to, um, "reward" the work that The Abbies somehow never seem to get down to.


Stop Smiling Magazine

Todd Lamb asks a bunch of silly questions to skateboard god/musician Tommy Guerrero in the latest issue of Stop Smiling Magazine. I just read it. He asks him "Morrissey--Weenie or Warrior?" and "Have you ever owned a teal colored car? "

This guy used to write for Larry Flynt's Big Brother Mag. My friends in LA used to collect that skate mag. I heard he's working at Mother in New York now.

Anyway, it's LOL funny. Check it out.