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Settlement reached - Lee and Dan have to say that they're sorry

Volkswagen have decided to not seek damages from creatives Lee Ford and Dan Brooks who made the Volkswagen Polo Suicide advert which went viral all over the web in a matter of hours. Instead VW want Lee and Dan to say that they're sorry reports the Guardian today.
Volkswagen asked for 'original copies' of the spec ad, which was directed by Stuart Fryer, to be turned over to them and demanded that Mr Ford and Mr Brooks would never again infringe on the Volkswagen registered trademark.

How the commercial appeared on the internet is still a mystery. No one has admitted releasing it.

Well, Google's own cache reveals that the clip did indeed appear on Lee and Dans website, but the clip was later removed due to high traffic.
Last week RTL in Germany hosted a show debating viral advertising, featuring this particular ad and had invited representatives of VW to chat about it. We'll have more to share on that show later.

McDonald's: Between the buns of a Big Mac, there is special sauce.

World Champion spots a few pathetic attempts to sound hip in advertising that backfire... Notably, this McD flash banner, where "I'd hit it" is used in reference to a Big Mac. Have these people visited Claymores bizarre and bun-filled dreams? Did a mischievous copywriter sneak this one by? Or is it that they have no clue what "I'd hit it" means? The poorly phrased flash banner is below.


Super Bowl Human Ad Space on Ebay

Adgrunt kris10tackett tipped us to this strange Ebay bid selling super bowl "ad space", it looks like a couple of kids are looking to make a fast buck wearing whatever company logo they get on game-day, hats t-shirts buttons, whatever, as they attend the game at the Alltell Stadium. They offer to give away free product samples as well.


Having trajectile dysfunction?

Fellas.. If you are having trouble with your... swing.. you might want to check out the website

There you will find a spoof of those annoyingly cryptic ads where ye shall "ask your doctor if X is right for you", and by using it you'll recover from whatever and be able to throw footballs though tire-swings like a young lad again. Right down to the tire. And the missus only dressed in her hubbies shirt, in some alternate universe called suburbia-land this is "sexy". One wonders what they use that club for.


Making the wrong kind of wave

Oh boy someones stupidity-meter has reached a new low as the New York Daily News reports on a very strange email-ad offering "Special Tsunami Fares" on Singapore Airlines, complete with a picture of people fleeing a giant wave.

The email was sent on behalf for Millennium international travels, a Madison Ave. but they claim they had nothing to do with it. Wizie.Com LLC, who sent the emails wouldn't take responsibility for the message either. "We just send the emails out, the content is approved by the company" said an anonymous spokesperson at Wizie.Com LLC, who wasn't couldn't be sure that the travel agency approved the message.

Meanwhile, Singapore Airlines are fuming at the unauthorized use of their logo in said email. It's just another day in spam-land. Hat tip to Claymore for the headline and link


Apple event in London for AdGrunts

Are you an AdGrunt in London? If so, check out Apple's event for advertising professionals at the Apple Store in Regent Street on Monday January 31.

Clemmow Hornby Inge managing partner Johnny Hornby will presents his perspective on the best advertising of recent years and what it takes to create a successful agency.


Link Lust: Hungarian 1980s commercials

This link is just a tad too good to simply slip quietly by straight into the adlinks collection, has 101 Hungarian commercials from the 1980s. Enjoy!
My personal fave is the commercial for Märka soda. "márka üditő" Why? Because "märka" spelled like that in Swedish means "to notice" "to mark" or even "to brand", funny name.