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Ipod ad campaign spotted in the Simpsons.

Remember that religious iPod ad that adgrunt Rocknrolladvertising spotted outside London's St. Lukes church last year? His post about it, December 9..

Looks like pop culture imitates art? iGod has been spotted in an episode of the Simpsons.


Logo twins mean very different things

Over at Bold user Bedford spotted a very funny set of logo twins which mean very different things.

While one means "port-a-potty" the other means "protection and service for people who rent their homes". What the lingonberries in milk-red color means in either logo is anybodies guess.


Cannes Lion advertiser of the year: Playstation

Well it was bound to happen after all those little lions, the brand has won 26 of them, and three grand prix awards. Ken Kutaragi , vice president of Sony Computer Entertainment will be receiving the advertiser of the year award on Saturday the 25th of June at the Cannes Lions.
Playstation has consistently done great ads ever since the brand was born back in 1994.

Their Grand prix were, Playstation "Nipples" 1999, Playstation "Rebirth" 2003 and last year they won with the film "Mountain"

Update: Playstation is also the Clio Awards advertiser of the year and will grab home that trophy at the Ritz-Carlton in Miami’s South Beach, May 24, 2005.


Things that don't exist.

At the website things that don't exist, one of the non-existant things is close to home for us adgrunts, namely


Svedka - the blogging Vodka

Svedka vodka is being ultra hip as they blog their culty stuff over at, they tout it as: "your latest source in adult entertainment. Explore our voyeristic playground that uncovers the underground side of pop culture you won't read elsewhere.".


Dear Dabitch, did Springer & Jacoby paint over street art?

So I got this PM yesterday, and thought I'd report my findings to ze world since, well, I can.

A year ago, 180 Amsterdam moved offices down the street. German agency Springer-Jacoby moved into their old place. In 180's old creative dept room, there was a huge ceiling mural that they commissioned the well-known, highly celebrated street artists The London Police to paint. Well, rumour has it, that when Springer Jacoby moved in, they proceeded to paint their entire office in a white wash paint. Which included painting over the mural. Amazing. Unbelievable. And I thought their $5 fines for a messy desk was scary. I think a lack of understanding true creativity is even scarier.

So, with all of your industry connections, you must know if this rumour is true or false?

Ah yes, The London Police who's stencil art appeared in Amsterdam way back in 1998. I remember noticing the stencils around my copywriters neighborhood and the mystery of who might be behind it was driving me mad for a few months, then the local hipster mags started pointing out the stencils coolness and their fame rolled on from there. See this interview with Garrett over at woostercollective.

Yes, sadly Springer and Jacoby did paint over the mural as soon as they took over the 180 offices but as a source at S&J said "it wasn't that good really", and street art isn't permanent to begin with. Stencils get painted over or removed or fade away like old polaroids. Part of it's charm if you ask me. However, that rumor about the $5 fine is totally bogus, there isn't even a 5€ fine, so whomever told you that is having you on my friend.
The London Police


Creative Commons and Bzzagent broke up.

Lawrence Lessig listened to the comments and roar of outrage that happened when they announced that BzzAgent has partnered with Creative Commons, and have now reconsidered. They decided to not take BzzAgent up on their offer of free WOM for a month. See the Lessig Blog for his "Advice taken" post.


Bud's Leon to actually become a baseball player!

Leon, or Nigel Thatch when he's not acting his role as the obnoxious baseball player for Budweiser, has signed to play baseball with minor league baseball with the Schaumburg Flyers Baseball Club.

"I’ve been playing baseball since I was six years old," said Thatch, a native of East St. Louis, IL. "Everyone who knew me when I was growing up knew me as someone that loved baseball and sports. My acting career took things in a different direction but I’m more settled now and this was an opportunity to follow my heart."

via Our Sports Central.