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Wal-Mart launches national holiday campaign, features celebrities at home

"Wal-Mart Stores rolled out its holiday campaign today, marking the earliest the retailer has ever launched its holiday efforts.

Along with the campaign being Wal-Mart's earliest, it is also Wal-Mart's first campaign to feature celebrities and be integrated across all media channels and in-store signage. "

Wal-Mart Press Release


Billboard with logo over nude man's doodle gets banned

A billboard featuring a nude Italian singer sponsored by fitness company, has been banned by the ASA.


Hill Holliday uses customer stories for new Dunkin' Donuts campaign

Next week Dunkin' Donuts will launch a new national ad campaign featuring its customers.

The first in a series of 30-second TV commercials re-enacts the story of Pam from Brockton. Stuck in traffic with coworkers, she remembers there's a Dunkin' nearby, walks a mile for coffee and returns to find the car in the same place. While an actress portrays Pam, Dunkin' may use real customers or their voice-overs in future spots.

"Dunkin' is a really interesting brand in that it has just intensely loyal customers," said Tim Foley, executive vice president and creative director of Hill Holliday, the Boston ad firm developing the campaign. "I think a lot of people are going to recognize themselves in these stories."

They are starting with a $10mill budget but are also looking to expand to radio, outdoor and print.


Charal vs. Clorox

When you're in Badland, you can always run, but you can never hide.


here to check out Clorox spot.


Channel crossing can be dangerous

The French telecom market is adopting the 118 number for direct enquieries just like in the UK a couple of years ago. And while they were at it, one client in France decided to adapt to the local market the same advertising campaign that made its mark in the UK. The result is this campaign for 118 218, directly taken from the brilliant UK 118 118 campaign by WCRS in London, and proof that some ideas should never cross the Channel.

Judge for yourself:
118 218 (France) :


google in the media biz... will they make the leap?

Google's media ambitions have been causing quite a stir lately... for example, this article in the NYTimes: Google Wants to Dominate Madison Avenue, Too talks about how google is thinking about ways to apply their search ad formulas to other media formats.

But so far, most of what Google has played with is similar to search ads in a lack of creativity...

Adland: gets blog

Somewhat late to the blogging party, recently (the first post is dated Oct.20) started a blog called the "Small Agency Diary." It's managed and written by Bart Cleveland, Partner & Creative Director at McKee Wallwork Cleveland in Albuquerque, NM.


The Collective talks to Dabitch

While Dabitch is busy elsewhere after the birth of her baby, the freelance agency The Collective has chatted to her about the birth of her other baby - this website. Read the full chat here: Freelancer focus: Åsk Wäppling on the collectives own weblog.