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Brain Freeze the 7-11 Slurpee 'viral' ranks ranks 12 in competition

Friday when I told y'all about the Contagious Media Showdown competition few checked out the Showdown Ranking Page it seems, as I have been asked by a few people if entry X or Y in said competition really is a viral. Take the 7-11 brainfreeze films for example, right now they rank number 12 on the CMS competition page, yet Adrants thinks it's a real viral for seven eleven. It's not. The site owner is being mighty cryptic though -- and who can blame him really, he just wants to win 2000 USD by winning the showdown.

So how do I know that it isn't really a seven eleven thing? Well that would break the showdown rules where it states quite clearly:

8) No paid work.
Your entry cannot advertise or market a commercial product. Viral marketing firms can enter the contest, but they may not submit paid work they are doing for a client.

For the next three weeks this meme-machine is playing, so when you see articles about cryptic virals or new products, like the Blogebrity check the listings at the showdown first. ;)


Sega, young pups in training

As a follow-up to their swearing football manager who was really sheep-dog trainer now comes a sequel, in this "Youth Team" the confused pipe-smoking farmer is training puppies for the big league. Puppies are cute. If you just adore puppies you might want to check it out, if you remember how 'funny' the last one was this one is exactly on that level.
Sega even released a third one, this one is a long film and by long I mean eons, a mock mockumentary of sorts where Miles Jacobson the Managing Director of Sports Interactive tries to sign up the swearing farmer as pack talent. I didn't bother watching the whole thing, someone tell me if it was funny. You have Maverick Media to thank for these ads, and they promise more scenarios with the nutty farmer in the future.


Sith Sense, can you stump Darth Vader with 20 questions?

When CP&B sent us the BK link Sith Sense and it roamed adlist last Tuesday, we were highly amused by it, and a tad dissapointed that the site was so swamped that it could barely respond. Mucho popular viral from the get-go. When the "service unavailable" messages calmed down our troop of testers managed to challenge Vader. John said "For me, Darth froze on question 12, "does it have a hard outer shell?" So the evil one never guessed I was thinking of Pez dispensers." Abbey managed to go all the way through and stumped Darth with thinking of a coffee cup. Not just any old coffee cup..... Now that traffic is a bit better, you go ahead and try, see if you can outwit the evil one. For old school internet nerds, yes it's that classic twenty questions game, just dressed up in flash.


One Second breath fresheners one second advert

AdAge reports that Belgian ad agency Duval Guillaume is launching a new breath freshener with one one-second ads. See the one second ad here.

The breathmints name is "One Second", and the tiny ad is a basic product demonstration, a woman plops the gel-mint on her tongue, followed by a product shot as the product name is being whispered: "One Second".

"Since One Second is a small company with big ambitions, DGA had to think of a way to create rumor around the new product without it costing a lot," said Katia Strauwen, an account director at the agency. "So we decided to make the fastest, shortest commercial ever."

Except it isn't the fastest or shortest ad ever or even by a long shot. You knew I'd say that right? ;)
Back in 1993 the Guniess book of Records aired the world shortest ad, which was one second. These days, if you want to get into the Guniess book of Records you need to beat the more recent record holder Tharanga Ramanayake who created a campaign with 12 different versions of ads for MuchMusic, all only 1/60 of a second, or half a frame long that aired in 2002. The previous record holder was a feature film in comparison, it was 4 frames long and aired on KING-TV's Evening Magazine (USA) on November 29, 1993 and advertised Bon Marche's Frango sweets.

Guniess book of Records - worlds shortest ad - (1993) 0:01 (USA)


One of the most recycled non-profit adverts?

Seven years ago, this Rude Food film made the rounds. Orginially it was called "Hot Dinner". Now, the Vegetarian Society is using it, again, as a viral to promote National Vegetarian Week in the UK. An April 1st press release from the group claims that "members of The Vegetarian Society are up in arms after discovering that the long established charity is secretly promoting pornographic material under the guise of National Vegetarian Week."

In it, a spokesperson for The Vegetarian Society was quoted as saying:

“ We are deeply sorry for causing offence to any of our members. Unfortunately the link was sent out to a few people by accident, we are investigating an internal leak as we had planned to use the film as a bit of fun for our staff in celebration of National Vegetarian Week. Now that the website is in the public domain we can only say that we hope that there are other vegetarians out there that actually enjoy this sort of thing.”

Leaked? Yeah years ago.

Read on for more...


Bloggforum 2.0 Stockholm

It's not like me, but next week I'll not only attend the Bloggforum 2.0 in Stockholm on Saturday the 28th of May, but I'll also be talking about blogging blogedi-blog-blog and advertising in a panel called "Blogs for companies and marketing" between 15.00 and 15.45. In the flesh! Away from a keyboard and everything (actually that's not true I'll bring my handheld. Can't win it all baby.).


Barbie Modern Circle - Ken, Art Director

As Claymore so aptly put it: wtf!?
Introducing, Ken the art Director - complete with faux leather jacket, turtleneck, highlighted hair, black jeans and a pleather portfolio.
"1 Modern Circle Ken doll is a passionate artist, and his style reflects his line of work." If he could speak he'd be saying things like; "I wanted to juxtapose the crudeness of the coffee stain to the elegance of the font" to cover up when he spilled on a mockup, "Where's my ≠%# spraymount!?", and "math is hard" whenever he layouts a press ad.


Contagious Media Showdown competition

Showdown contagius media showdown is sortof a viral award, except it doesn't suck. Entries may not be paid work, like those virals advertising a commercial product, or promoted with bots, text ads or seeded at seeding places, like Kontraband. The work has to spread on merit alone, and on the Showdown Ranking page you can see what is rising to the top.

Webhead injokes like the magazine Blogebrity is neck to neck with the apple + blogger switch AutoBlogger integrates seamlessly into your journaling software, allowing a busy writer to do things that other internet nerds only dream about. Go out on dates. Take an extended vacation. Turn off your computer for a few hours and spend a lazy weekend just sipping lemonade in your back yard. Followed by Crying While Eating

What he's eating:
Double-chocolate milano cookies

What he's crying about:
Sex will never be that good again

Go down the list, you're bound to find something that amuses you. Or not. The Grand Prize in this competition is 2000 US Dollars.