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This year's banned super bowl commercials.

2005 might become known as the year of the banned superbowl commercials. Why we're they banned? Either FOX just doesn't have a sense of humor or, most likely, they're terrified to get fined for indecency..... These ads are quite tame.


XXXIX Super Bowl Ads and ads from the past.

While we wait for the yearly rush for the superbowl commercials which we - as we always do - will post a few minutes after the game is over, lets have a look at the tops and flops adverts from past superbowls. Since our superbowl commercial archive stretches 32 years, the largest super bowl ad collection in the world wide web by far, we have many ups and downs to choose from. Do you remember these commercials?


Resumé on the Super Bowl 2005

We share what we think about this years super bowl ads to Resumé trade magazine in Sweden. Resumé names Godaddy the big winners for biggest buzz created by smallest budget with their satire on nipplegate, and rates both the Bud and Fedex ads high. Åsk rates the Ford "Fargo" Mustang ad the best of the super bowl year 2005 though it in her view had very little competition from the other ads.


Donny Glam Pics

Over at Brand New, I came across this great post. Apparently there's an email making the rounds with these sexified Donny pics. Go check it out!

Gareth also gave us heads up on the very funny Donny Commemorative Plate back in Novemeber.


Photos, blogging and fair use

PDN online has a story on photos blogs and fair use, as Naomi Harris recently found her picture on the popular soft-porn blog fleshbot, part of the ever expanding Gawker Media empire, which posted one of Harris' photos without her permission and linked to a documentary photoessay on Harris' site titled "Porn Star Academy." The traffic-bump from fleshbot forced Harris to find a cheaper ISP, bittersweet popularity; "For all I know most of these are probably perverts who were too cheap to pay for online porn," Harris said to PDN online.


Super Bowl versus, er, everyone else

You knew it was coming sooner or later. It wasn't enough we've got everybody in America rating the Super Bowl spots, now comes the big one.

That's right. It's America vs The World! (Which I guess in light of current events is kind of appropriate).

For you adgrunts in the States, you can catch The Greatest Commercials: Superbowl vs The World on CBS tomorrow night, February 4, at 8PM ET/PT. The results were tabulated from an online vote. But even though the polls are closed, you can still catch a montage of the combatants at


YWCA launches anti-racism & anti-sexism campaign

This week the the YWCA USA launched a national advertising campaign that points out the subtle and not so subtle existence of racism in society and how it affects people. Currently running on MTV, MTV2, BET and in various online venues. The campaign includes national television, online, radio and print.

Created by Bozell & Jacobs and directed by Bronwen Hughes (film director of Forces of Nature and Stander), two spots kick off the campaign.


Super Bowl XXXIX Advertising Bonanza -*SPOILER ALERT*

Everyone is wondering what will air on Sunday and how soon after that will the Super Bowl XXXIX be added to the massive Claymore Project?

The answer to the latter is as soon as possible, after the game, when all the ads have aired the Super Bowl XXXIX will be added to the Super Bowl Commercial Archive, making the archive 32 years of bowls, which funnily enough is as many years as Dabitch is old. This cracks us up.

There's also buzzing about the banned by Fox ads, for the record 2 ads from have been nixed, 1 ad from Anheuser-Busch, 1 ad from Airborne and just now and ad for Ford Lincoln Mark LT was banned by focus groups.

Read more for all the ad goodness- but beware- *SPOILER ALERT*- includes plots and things you'll see. If you want to be surprised, you're better off not reading this. But do come back after the game for the ads and the ad review.

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