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Boeing/Bell Helicopters puts out a print ad and unleashes PR hell on themselves

Seattle Times shows us an ad that is amazingly un-PC - the most offensive bit is the headline: It descends from the heavens. Ironically it unleashes hell ... Consider it a gift from above.

The ad shows soldiers climbing from an Osprey helicopter onto the roof of a Mosque.

Sony to make something even more fantastic than Honda Grrr?

Rumor has it that Sony has made a film "even better than Honda Grr" - and those are some big bunny-shoes to fill. Rumor further stated that Fallon London hired director Nicolai Fuglsig to put it together, and a lot of bouncing balls were involved.
Now the only thing that seems to fit the bill are these thousands of bouncing balls raining down Filbert and Leavenworth in San Francisco this summer, a shoot done for a Sony commercial as stated at the internet archive where there's even a few films of the balls going downhill. Check it out.

Now, the question is, are the balls advertising for Sony music, Sony TV, Sony MD ... Sony, I dunno, balls? Hat tip to gossipers Jasper and Stacy. More flickr images here.


Link Lust: Bad stats, The Shining and Ad weeks biggest flop

Influx insights shows us that the Brits might have confused blogging with dogging, or "lies damned lies and statistics" these numbers make no sense.

Adgrunt Jasper reminds us that music really is 80% of a commercial by sending us this uncredited trailer where an editor has had way too much fun with the source material:
The Shining Redux
- the feel good movie of the year? Perhaps!


Learn how to love Rats???? PC gone crazy.

Every animal on the planet has some group behind it clearing mating grounds, chasing off poachers, and making cute t-shirts. Every animal that is, except one.
It seems nobody wants to champion the cause of the rat. Well, all of that has changed with the emergence of the most unique animal-rights group around: The Great Pointed Archer Society. This group of (crazy?) people have put together an extensive website complete with videos, print ads, petitions, facts, etc. to comvince people to like rats. Only thing is, they don't even want to call them rats. This "slur" is to be replaced by the more appealing name Great Pointed Archer.

Check out the site and the videos (click on the TV) to learn more about this cause.