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Women & Co get women thinking about their finances

Women & Co. launched a four market campaign (New York, LA, SF and Chicago) targeting women in each market and introducing the women's financial membership service to them in innovative ways. The guerilla campaign was created and executed by Interference Inc..

In a unique twist, hundreds of actual mirrors were posted throughout the cities with compelling copy lines branded on them. Lines such as: "You're one of a kind. Is your financial plan?", "That smile would go great with a financial future." and "You look like a million bucks. Does your retirement account?"


PROMO Mag talks to Arnold execs and clients

PROMO Magazine met with executives of Arnold Worldwide, along with three of the agency's key clients, to discuss how they develop campaigns that use a mix of disciplines for both branding and selling.

The gathering's timing was bittersweet for the agency: That morning, Fidelity launched its biggest single campaign in years, built around an Arnold-developed sponsorship of Paul McCartney, who reminded retirement-planners to “never stop doing what you love.”

Hart Larsson wants Neil French

For those of you who've been away at a shoot or hiding under a rock from clients, Neil French is (eventually)unemployed after resigning because of the opinions he voiced about females in advertising.


Bouncing balls for Sony's Bravia

At the beginning of the month there was speculation as to what Sony's agency, Fallon London, was up to dropping balls around San Francisco.

Turns out the bouncy balls were for a cinema and TV campaign for its Bravia range of LCD TVs.


AirTran upset at Real Men of Genuis radio spot

One of the radio spots in Anheuser-Busch's "Real Men of Genius" campaign has upset the CEO at AirTran Airways.

AirTran Airways says it may stop serving Anheuser-Busch Cos. products on its flights to protest a radio ad for Bud Light that ridicules discount airlines and their pilots.

The ad, part of the "Real Men of Genius" campaign created by DDB Chicago, is a comic tribute to discount-airline pilots, commending them for their "minimal experience" and for putting "the fly in fly-by-night." It also questions the safety of low-fare carriers: "Sure we're concerned for our lives," the announcer says - "just not as concerned as saving nine bucks on a round-trip to Fort Myers."

Anheuser-Busch says it pulled the ad after one airing in January, but it has remained posted on an ad-industry Web site and recently made the rounds online among some pilot groups and airlines. It also has continued playing on Anheuser-Busch's phone system.


Miami goes guerilla for City Airline

Gothenburg's largest airline company, City Airline, opens a new line non-stop from Luleå to Gothenburg on the 31st of October. To spread the word of the new destination, Miami ran a guerilla campaign in Luleå last weekend.

At the same time as the Frölunda Indians was visiting Luleå for the hockey series on Saturday the 22nd of October, City Airline made a guerilla attack at specific locations in and around Luleå. A 10 person street team handed out vouchers, which included a ticket offer, a competition and an offer made together with Göteborg & Co for a tourist package, to 10,000 people.


Bringing back webisodes

USA Today takes a look at some company's who are going back to webisodes to advertise.

Remember webisodes? Original minishows for the Internet were all the rage online before the Internet bubble burst in 2001. Now they're back, this time as advertising vehicles, courtesy of a robust online ad market and growing broadband audience.