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No new holdiay ads for Absolut this year

Instead of creating new ads, Absolut is running old holiday ads from the last 25 years. At their site, you can select your favorite ad, and see how it stacks up against the others. In tandem with the rating you can send holiday cards with the ad on it and be entered for a chance to win a trip to Sweden.


Rethink Copenhagen wins global B&O account

Rethink Copenhagen together with TAW and Grow nabbed the global B&O account from right under the noses of big name agencies - beating out W&K Amsterdam, Saatchi&Saatchi, Springer Jacoby and Dentsu from the pitch. More soon. :)


Domino's Pizza "cave man couch"

A contender for the silliest promotion of the year, Domino's Pizza has put together what they are calling the "Cave Man Couch". Touting it as a" gift for the 'caveman' who has everything", the price tag for this promo item rings in at $30,000 USD, which doesn't include the $5,000-7,000 shipping fee or sales taxes.

It's also filled with cross promo items such as a Xbox with three controlers, XM Radio with one year service, Nextel cell phone and NASCAR headset, Domino's Heat Wave hot bags to keep pizza warm, and Coca Cola beverage cooler. Not a part of the couch but also included is a Kodak Easy Share camera and a years supply of Old Spice deodorant and body spray.

A neat idea but will anyone fork out that much to have it or give it?


Virgin Mobile Campaign with 'Super Buff' bikini-clad female bodybuilders

James Kydd, brand director for Virgin Mobile, said:

"Our Christmas camera phone promotion this year is all about getting your mitts on our super-buff range of mobile phones. We're building on our reputation for providing young, entertainment-hungry online users with irreverent new material by sponsoring a quirky bodybuilder animation series from 12foot6, the creators of last Christmas' cult Dog Judo animations. In addition, we commissioned Rainey Kelly Campbell Roalfe/Y&R to create an eye-popping set of viral clips starring Super-buff Gran who has to be seen to be believed! All the creative material features in a new online connected marketing campaign planned and implemented by DMC to integrate with the forthcoming print, outdoor poster and radio strands of the promotion."

Wanna see the bikini-clad female bodybuilders, inckuding a super-buff granny in action? Head over to, or hop straight to the Super buff granny movie in Quicktime at DMC's site. The cheeky video clips in the campaign were made by 12foot6 and Rainey Kelly Campbell Roalfe/Y&R.
Read more to see the press ads that go with it.


Viral tip #10; if they didn't hear you the first time...

Extra! Extra! Press release writer suffers from short term memory loss, proclaims that "Graphico have launched Butlins’ first ever online viral campaign." (see googles cache), despite most of us remembering that DMC already did that back in 2002, see DMC GETS BUTLINS BOPPING WITH POP SUPREMO.


Mother's Chris Christmas Rodriguez is back

Chris Christmas Rodriguez has reappeared on the web in a mirror of the old mother site hosted by a dude named Herwig.


Quark hopes other shops will follow Cramer-Krasselt

Quark today released a press release touting the fact that Cramer-Krasselt has committed to QuarkXPress 6.5. Yippie. From the press release:

"Quark has been extremely supportive throughout this process," said Dave Botma, production graphics director of Cramer-Krasselt. "The core features of QuarkXPress 6.5 and the XTensions modules enable our users to express their creativity and meet the needs of our clients. Furthermore, the assistance of Quark's field team, coupled by their desire to work with us to provide us with the best possible service, gives us a sense of a true partnership."
"We are appreciative of the commitment by Cramer-Krasselt to use QuarkXPress for their creative work," said Richard Pasewark, vice president of sales for the Americas, Quark. "Cramer-Krasselt's results are indicative of the breadth of functionality and production capability found in QuarkXPress. Their continued input on the product will enable us to deliver new enhancements for them and other customers in this important market."

This new version of Quark uses the new logo Dabitch posted about in BadLand back in September.