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Heads will roll over Maverick's Mortal Kombat Viral...

Viral agency Maverick have just released their latest viral campaign Blood on the Carpet for Midway Games' Mortal Kombat MK Monks.


"Idea man" invents advertising on parking stripes

The Denverpost shares a story of an ad exec with big ideas, the kind that looks for new places to put ads - before any specific communication idea - all the time. Oh boy.

...Golden advertising executive Greg Gorman, 46, has come up with a better idea.
In 2003, he looked out his window at the Denver West office park and noticed all the safety-yellow stripes marking parking spaces. Why not turn those stripes into ads? he mused.


Is it subliminal advertising or ad creep?

The Observer reports on subliminal tactics being taken up by tobacco firms.


It's Dough Time

R. Lee Ermey (host of The History Channel's "Mail Call" and actor in a bunch of nifty films such as "Apocalypse Now", "Saving Silverman", and most famously as Gunnery Sergeant Hartman in Stanley Kubrick's "Full Metal Jacket") has a blooper reel of sorts at Sideshow Collectibles, the company that makes his action figures.


American Chemistry vs. Oxy Petroleum

Things are disappearing all over Badland, but at least the pet dog didn't go anywhere.


Marks and Spencer go Twiggy

Sixties supermodel Twiggy has hit out at fat people - after replacing Amy Davis, a size-16 model, as the new face and body of Marks and Spencer.


APA's Top 50 British ads

The Advertising Producers' Association has released this year's list of the Top 50 British ads of the last 12 months. The themes this year show a trend moving away from humor and moving more towards fantasy.

The APA chairman, Steve Davies, said the results marked a shift away from humorous ads, such as Virgin's "Idle Thumbs" campaign, which featured among last year's winners.

"This year's results certainly indicate that there is some movement away from humour, which was in danger of nearing saturation point," he said,

"It would seem that the latest trend is more about taking consumers into a fantasy world. It's a healthy demonstration of how advertising continually evolves."

Ads were judged by leading advertising creatives, directors and members of production and post-production companies.

Read on to see the list...


AdCorp Inc - A short film

The Moviefone Short Film Festival will host the national online debut of AdCorp Inc, a new short-length comedy film, starring Andy Dick, and directed by Marshall Cook. The film spoofs the creative process of advertising agencies and takes a look at what might have happened behind closed doors when coming up with the name for Bed, Bath & Beyond.

In the archive on the site there are also some other short films spoofing infomercials and other ad related stuff. This is the first annual Moviefone(R) Short Film Festival (sponsored by Mercury Milan), an online festival and competition that showcases the best in short film programming from novice to accomplished filmmakers from around the world.