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Game over, here are the Ad Trivia Quiz answers

Dear Adgrunts, ad-guessers and ad-dicts - y'all didn't do too well on that quiz I'm afraid. On the one hand I feel sorry that we made it so tough, on the other I'm really surprised that you actually thought it was that tough.
OK, so I admit it, lots of 'urban ad-myths' were chosen for the quiz as I'm getting really tired of hearing professionals parrot that bullshit when it has no base in reality, so a lazy google-hunt might turn up the wrong answer, but a more thorough one would have led you to the right answer. Friends call me "sticky brains" because stupid trivia will never leave my head, but honestly now, was this quiz that hard? Lets have a look at each question and answer complete with links to reliable sources.


Advertising: The Good, Bad & Ugly 2005

Yesterday the Advertising Women of New York’s (AWNY) 8th Annual Good, Bad & Ugly (GBU) Awards honored the good and worst of advertising aimed at women.

The "They Get It Award" went to Dove and Ogilvy & Mather for its integrated "Campaign for Real Beauty." The "Bad" and "Ugly" went to adverts that "relied on outdated stereotypes for cheap gags."


Virtual Delivery

It would seem that virtual reality has taken one step closer to the 'Net as depicted in popular novels like Neuromancer and Through a Scanner Darkly. Both Blizzard Entertainment (and their World of Warcraft MMORPG) and Sony Entertainment (whose Everquest and Everquest II exploded the market) have signed deals with restaurants to allow ordering in the game.

Read about it here:
World of Warcraft's Pandara Express (/panda)
Everquest II's Pizza Hut (/pizza)


Association Sets 'No Minors Under 16' Standard

The question we asked last week, How young is too young to be a marketer?, has now been answered. Under 16 is too young.

"We've been concerned about the issue of marketing on the backs of minors for a long time," said VBMA President Brian Clark. "We believe the legislation offered by Rep. Festa is an important step toward protecting kids from exploitation, and we encourage all of our word-of-mouth industry colleagues to join us and take a stand on this critical issue."

(read more inside)


McDonald's call for Hip-Hop endorsement has been answered

You may recall that McDonald's intends to pay for Big Mac product placement in Hip-Hop songs that air on the radio. Less than a week after this news hit the web, a group called the Gatbustaz released an over-the-top Hip-Hop parody called McGangsta (caution: explicit lyrics).

Now the song is slowly, virally, making its way across the blogosophere.


Schick advertising tries to be edgy

In the highly competitve razor sector, Gillette is currently the leader. And soon with the possible sale to P&G, they'll have more money and resources behind them. So what are the rest of the shaving industry to do? Come out with new products and use technology and innovation to climb to the top. This month Schick (owned by Energizer) has launched an advertising campaign for a new women's razor, the Schick Quattro for Women.
Schick's press release states:

By simplifying the shaving process with the unique skin conditioning solid, Schick has proven that women respond to a product that truly addresses their lifestyle needs.

But the bigger question is will they respond to the advertising for the product?


Those skinny jeans

Running shoes and cranberry juice. Who would have thought they had something in common. According to both Reebox (a.k.a. RBX) and Oceanspray the reasons for working out and eating right apparently all come down to one thing, getting into your skinny jeans.

(there's more!)


The very difficult ad-quiz

Honestly adgrunts, I'm beginning to feel a little sorry for y'all.

See, we dug up some of the most widely known advertising myths and a few difficult ad-nerdy questions because we thought everyone would employ google when they tried doing the Quiz. We even thought people would post the right answers in their blogs, email them between each other, and all sorts of things, so instead of letting everyone who scored a perfect ten get an upgrade, which was the original idea, we put our limit at 100.

But it looks like you all are honest folk (in advertising? who knew!), trying to beat it with your wits alone! And so, very few have scored a perfect ten. I've even upgraded everyone who scored 9 points just because you guys were so close. I don't want to be unfair to anyone so since people who scored 9 get an upgrade, that'll be the rule from now on. Kay?

Words of encouragement, and a warning, this quiz is not meant to be easy. You can only try once! Hint: Myth will help you a long way. Relax, take your time, and give it a go. AdLand Quiz: Ad Trivia, Truth and Myth

So far, the clever adgrunts who scored have been; caffeinegoddess who needs no upgrade, mikker, chong.eileen, brandonbarr & RocknrollAdvertising with a perfect ten each. SweetPigs, yaksox & slydecix who got upgrades for their 9 points. C'mon people, try harder, there are so many upgrades to give away! We want to celebrate our ninth birthday in style!