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AdLand's Ad Battle I - The Fantasy Football Fracas

Ok, we're going to try something a little different here for our Superadgrunts - our first official AdLand Ad Battle. It's quite simple. We've taken two campaigns that are duking it out against each other and brought them here to continue the scrimmage. Your comments determine who wins and loses. Why? Because we know some of you are just dying for an outlet for sharing your incredible insights into advertising psychology and sociology. As for the rest of you.... well, it gives you an opportunity to be smartarses.

For the debut, we're pitting NFL Fantasy Football against ESPN Fantasy Football. We've gathered a handful from each campaign for your consideration. Is it boys versus girls? East versus west? Suburban versus utopian? You're about to find out. Continue for more... (Superadgrunts only)


Jimmy Dean's new spokesperson - The Sun

A $25 million campaign by TBWA/Chiat/Day Los Angeles is breaking tomorrow for Jimmy Dean featuring the Sun (yes, as in that really, really hot orb in the sky). The press release gives a taste at the cheesy feel the campaign seems to encompass with a quote from the Sun.

"I'm used to being the center of attention and I've been eating Jimmy Dean for as long as I can remember," said The Sun. "To put it simply, the stars were in alignment for this partnership. I'm a breakfast lover -- it's my favorite meal. I really believe that every great day begins with a Jimmy Dean breakfast. In fact, you can usually tell by the weather report."

The tagline "Happy Breakfast" will attempt to reinforce Jimmy Dean as the traditional breakfast experience.


Strange effort to try and control spin in Swedish blogosphere

Researcher: a PR-spin in the blogosphere tells the rather odd story of recent ongoings in the Swedish blogosphere, which is still small enough to serve as a medicine ball in PE.
The story begins when the national tabloid Aftonbladet publishes an article about "the biggest blog in Sweden", which is supposedly their own journalists stop-smoking blog, according to numbers dug up by the bloghost he is using, BlogSoft. Clearly, independent objective parties haven't even touched that article and it fails to explains whether blogs that aren't using BlogSofts solutions were even counted at all. You with me so far? Blogsoft says, to Aftonbladet, that the biggest blog is the Aftonbladets journalists, who hosts his blog at BlogSoft. Aftonbladet publishes it, congratulates their own journalist and mentioning his blogging software company Blogsoft repeatedly. (more inside)


Violence in advertising

Is this the latest trend to get the punters attention - blood guts and gore?

Seeing as these ads are the only things to make us crane our necks and check it twice these days, the hit and run bloodied bus complete with dead body still hanging on, the dead guy in a trunk for Sopranos, and the murder scene for court TV on a wall.


Displaced designer offers bed & office for any creative displaced by Katrina

Displaced Designer is a new resource for those in the creative industry recently displaced by the on-going situation in New Orleans and the surrounding region.


CP+B bring back Dr. Angus

Last time Crispin brough out Dr. Angus he was selling the Angus Diet. Now he's back, this time shilling BK's Angus 'Shroom & Swiss sandwich and wants you to discover the power of Power Sitting. (flash site)


Further proof that Paypal sucks bigtime: Freezing Katrina funds

The goons over at SomethingAwful forums, known for being a brash, childish, silly, sometimes harsh, lively community, decided to give to the people of New Orleans and started a fund drive. Their servers are hosted by the guys behind the interdictor livejournal from New Orleans where web cams, photos and horror stories from inside the city have been keeping lots of people up to date of what is really going on down there since this horrible situation started.


Dairy Farmers of Ontario (Canada) TV spots

Found two brilliant spots for milk today and thought I'd share the link. They're on itaintrocketscience.ca, apparently a freelancer in Toronto with a fair bit of agency experience. Never heard of it/him before.