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Shoutout to all the adlisters, now on TV

This amused me a lot.. Longtime adlister, adgrunt and pal Leslie Burns was on Jeopardy. In her "Howdy" Jeopardy blurb (real player) she managed to sneak in the line " adlister like me". It's like sublimininal advertising! ;)


Media Guardian - about that Pepsi ad + CNN Money

Pepsi warns media over surf ad image reads the Media Guardian reporting about a PR-shot which we published here: Pepsi ad pulled due to Asian tsunami

Bonus screendump - the CNN Money article mentioned, guess where they got the image. ;)
Pepsi halts wave-themed ad campaign


advertising on forehead hype reaches fever pitch

"!" yelled some guy a few years back and since then the idea has been top of mind.. (sorry).
The Guardian spoofed it when the Cunning crew said they'd sell it... And now, you can find quite a few on Ebay. Here you can Advertise on this mans forehad!, or if you want to *Advertise your logo or website domain on this guys forehead!, here's one that reads " Advertise Your Logo on my Ass (or Forehead)" oooh, cheeky, how about Advertise Your logo on 3 C.I.K.TV staff forehead and help som local kids TV program get some much needed equipment. Seems a worthy cause.

Andrew Fisher is the man from Omaha that caught the attention of BBC news and channel six news, Omaha this time around.
Hat tip to Researcher


The Evolution of Crazy Frog - from Deng Deng to Ringtone

You might have heard that annoying "Ding ding ding ding dididing ding bing bing pscht" as a ringtone, but the history of the noise is longer. Bloggerheads digs into the Evolution of Crazy Frog and tracks where the sound appears in games, ads and online pranks.

Erik Wernquist (creator of the Crazy Frog character) and Daniel Malmedahl (endorsed by Erik as the originator of the sound file) appear to have agreed to the use of their intellectual property by the companies Jamba! and Zed, so we can assume that they have been compensated for any/all commercial use (but how fairly they have been compensated, I do not know).

Dell Tech Force - thunderbirds meet software

It might not be 2065 yet but the Dell Tech Force look just like the old Thunderbirds heroes with some Team America thrown in. Click image to view movie on their website.

Dell Tech Force


Pussy Galore to join M&S advertising campaign

Our favorite bad girl actress, the original blonde bombshell Honor Blackman who played Pussy Galore in Goldfinger is heading up a new advertising campaign for Marks & Spencer reports Hello Magazine (of all places).
M&S has decided to target mature customers rather than trying to compete in the under-30s market, and who better to add a touch of glamor than the glamorous gran who was recently named one of the 100 sexiest film stars of all time. Honor is now 77 years old but still working her midas touch, her latest role is as the sultry seductress Rula Romanoff on Coronation Street.


Hear Jeff Jarvis, president of and BuzzMachine blogger, talk about the change in the media marketplace to citizen’s media and his own investigation into the FCC’s crackdown on indecency. Jeff also discusses the future of digital media and what media companies and marketers must do to make this shift. As president and creative director at, Jeff oversees the Internet operations for Advance Publications, which includes Vanity Fair, Glamour, Vogue and CondéNet. He is a former television critic for TV Guide and People.


Hack in the box

There’s no job security in advertising. And now there’s even less. Here’s a new software that claims to write headlines.

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