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Dentsu and TV networks to create new online venture

Reuters reports that Japanese ad agency Dentsu Inc, along with five television networks (Tokyo Broadcasting System Inc, Fuji Television Network Inc, Nippon Television Network Corp, TV Asahi Corp. and TV Tokyo Corp), have started talks to set up an internet television joint venture.

They aim to provide content online, seeking to attract the growing number of high-speed fibre-optic Internet users in Japan. Dentsu is focusing on the Web advertising market, forecasting that its Internet-related business would post annual sales growth of about 30 percent over the next few years.

TiVo teaming up with advertising agencies

TiVo is working out a deal for it's users to be able to download ads as part of a deal with units of Interpublic Group, Omnicom Group and Publicis Groupe, as well as independent Dallas ad agency Richards Group and the ad sales division of cable operator Comcast.

The paper reported that the offering would allow customers to list a profile of products on their television screens in which they are interested, either by broad categories or specific brand names. TiVo would then download relevant commercials to TiVo recorders over the Internet or traditional broadcast signals, according to the report.

"We're flipping the dynamic," TiVo CEO and president Tom Rogers told the paper. "If you are in the market for a product, and you have no idea when commercials related to that kind of product are going to appear, it (traditional ad placement) doesn't help you very much."

This new offering would be available sometime next year and apparently TiVo and the ad agencies are discussing buying keywords, a la Google's model.


Xmas gift tips: Paul Arden Book

Ola fellow adgrunts, as we head into December, I thought I'd share some gift ideas of things that suit many adgrunts and pocketbooks. Even ad people are nice at least once a year. ;)

So, what should you be getting your mate in the office next door? One idea is to get them the Paul Arden book if they don't have it yet, see the book has now been translated to other languages, like Swedish! "It's not how good you are..." becomes "Inte hur bra du är..." - but the books advice is universal.

I wouldn't call it a heavy read, it's a book with the nuggets of wisdom Paul utters at any given lecture - such as the one he gave at the D&AD, nicely bound in one volume. Perfect gift for anyone who needs a little creative cheering up/kick in the bum.


The Volvo Ocean Race Online Challenge

In celebration of the 2005-2006 Volvo Ocean Race, the world’s premier global sailing race, Mindblossom developed the Volvo Ocean Race Online Challenge for Volvo Canada.


Swedish alcohol monopoly urges EU chief to cut down on drinking

Sweden's state-owned alcohol monopoly said Thursday it was launching an 8 million kronor (A820,000; US$960,000) advertising campaign to defend its hold on liquor sales in the Scandinavian country.

Systembolaget, which owns and operates all liquor stores in Sweden, made the case for maintaining its monopoly in a letter to European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso, and in a newspaper ad was published Tuesday in the Financial Times.

The ad, headlined "Dear Mr. Barroso, Here's why you should consider cutting down on drinking," highlights drinking problems in Europe, and suggests the Swedish monopoly has helped keep down the country's alcohol consumption. (read more to see the ad)


Lose the arrogance

From Hiring Revolution, a blog by recruiters of Talent Zoo, we get these words of wisdom.

Arrogance is killing this industry. Companies and agencies that think full of pomp and circumstance- the ones that are willing to lose exceptionally talented people because they cannot see past their own egos - are going to be the death of the ad industry. It is forcing people to leave the industry for good. It is creating a generation of mediocrity. It is shifting the power and success to a certain few companies that actually get it. Is this what we want?
News flash - it is NOT 2002 anymore. Just because you are in the position to hire someone, it doesn't mean that they have to come work for you. People have more options now. If you treat them like crap, they will not want to work for you - now or ever. Your time is no more important than someone else's time. Your work-life balance is no more deserving than someone else's.