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Having trajectile dysfunction?

Fellas.. If you are having trouble with your... swing.. you might want to check out the website

There you will find a spoof of those annoyingly cryptic ads where ye shall "ask your doctor if X is right for you", and by using it you'll recover from whatever and be able to throw footballs though tire-swings like a young lad again. Right down to the tire. And the missus only dressed in her hubbies shirt, in some alternate universe called suburbia-land this is "sexy". One wonders what they use that club for.


Making the wrong kind of wave

Oh boy someones stupidity-meter has reached a new low as the New York Daily News reports on a very strange email-ad offering "Special Tsunami Fares" on Singapore Airlines, complete with a picture of people fleeing a giant wave.

The email was sent on behalf for Millennium international travels, a Madison Ave. but they claim they had nothing to do with it. Wizie.Com LLC, who sent the emails wouldn't take responsibility for the message either. "We just send the emails out, the content is approved by the company" said an anonymous spokesperson at Wizie.Com LLC, who wasn't couldn't be sure that the travel agency approved the message.

Meanwhile, Singapore Airlines are fuming at the unauthorized use of their logo in said email. It's just another day in spam-land. Hat tip to Claymore for the headline and link


Apple event in London for AdGrunts

Are you an AdGrunt in London? If so, check out Apple's event for advertising professionals at the Apple Store in Regent Street on Monday January 31.

Clemmow Hornby Inge managing partner Johnny Hornby will presents his perspective on the best advertising of recent years and what it takes to create a successful agency.


Link Lust: Hungarian 1980s commercials

This link is just a tad too good to simply slip quietly by straight into the adlinks collection, has 101 Hungarian commercials from the 1980s. Enjoy!
My personal fave is the commercial for Märka soda. "márka üditő" Why? Because "märka" spelled like that in Swedish means "to notice" "to mark" or even "to brand", funny name.


Bizarre outrage over 9/11 allusions in De Niro commercial

The Indo-Asian News Service 'reports' that "an American Express TV commercial, in which Robert De Niro talks about Ground Zero, has angered fans who feel the Hollywood star should not use the 9/11 tragedy to sell a product." quoting nobody in particular here.

In the ad, De Niro waxes poetically about New York City:
"My oldest friend. My first love. My east. My far east. My west side. My private side. My heartbreak. My heart beat.
My life happens here. My card is American Express."


CP&B site spoof has nothing to do with CP&B

So that site has been making the blogrounds, as they are like CP&B but not CP&B and everyone and their aunt are weighing in their two cents on how funny that is.
A CP&B rep who's in the know said to me yesterday "As it made rounds here, we all got a huge kick out of it. But we don't know who made it. We tried to figure it out to no avail." - in other words CP&B have nothing to do with that site.
As soon as I heard that I phoned the number of the domain-owner to find out just exactly who was behind it, a man with a Korean-American accent answered the phone and I asked him if he owned
"No, I don't, what is that? This is the second phone call I'm getting about that today, do you know who they are?" I explained to the poor guy that CP&B are rather famous so that's probably why he's getting the calls, and that his number is listed on the WHOIS information, he was not amused.
"Could you tell them to stop calling and get my number off that?" he wondered, and all I can do is ask that anyone who reads this, don't call the WHOIS information domain owner number, it's an innocent third party.
Personally, I think the stunt went from funny-ish to crap at the moment they put someone elses phonenumber on the WHOIS info, if you are going to do that, at least put some robot-number or an answering machine, not another persons. For all I know I could have just called the korean neighbourhood deli in White Plains New York.


Bud commercial won't make the Superbowl.

Somebody at Budweisers ad agency thought they were clever making fun of last years superbowl Janet Jackson nipplegate as they wrote a script explaining how the mishap happened. Somehow this bland gag got approved and shot as well. If you want to see the ad, point your browser here for a streaming Quicktime version which is embedded deep down the regular Bud site.
Adage reported it today ANHEUSER-BUSCH KILLS JANET JACKSON SPOOF AD Marketer Will Not Run 'Wardrobe Malfunction' Super Bowl Spot

"We mutually agreed it would probably be best not to run it," said Bob Lachky, Anheuser-Busch vice president for brand management and director of global brand creative. He noted the ad tested well. ..
Hat tip to the lovely tlevitz who gabbed on adlist.

Job hunt stunt takes it outside.

Here's one of those "I wish I had thought of that" things. When Brendan Watson and Jana Ranjitkumar knocked on the door at Taxi's offices looking for a job and we're turned down due to lack of physical space, they didn't offer to use the loo for an office as I have done in the past, instead they set up office outside. Oh yes, complete with desk, lamp, computer, printer and the whole shebang. In the rain and cold. Brandan explains: