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You create great selling campaigns, but you don't sell them

Tom Monahan argues in the article Selling Your Ads Off that creatives might be able to sell via great ad ideas, but they are not very good at selling the ads themselves. While this rings very true, and his advice about writing down five reasons the client should buy the ad campaign (who doesn't do this?) it makes me wonder what on earth the Ad Execs job is, if not to sell the ad campaigns?


Superman is back, and he wants stem cell research

Christopher Reeves our late Superman hero has done a real Yul Brenner and come back from the dead - in an ad!
In his death, like in his later life, he is promoting human embryonic stem cell research as the TV commercial is in support of a California ballot measure that would devote $3-billion to stem cell experiments.
The 30-second spot was filmed about a week before Reeve died of an infection Oct. 10. The ad began running on Friday in California, in it Christopher says;

"Stem cells have already cured paralysis in animals. Stem cells are the future of medicine. Please support Proposition 71 and stand up for those who can't."

Last Thursday, Reeve's widow publicly endorsed Kerry for President.

Who's your grand daddy?

Will the Red Sox curse be broken this year?

Nike thinks so.

Click here to view Nike’s BoSox commercial.


Nissan Maxima campaign is hot hot hot

The new campaign for the Nissan Maxima is not only turning heads, but also melting lamp-posts.
The car is parked in strategic places in NYC and L.A. and objects nearby, such as street lamps, trash cans and parking meters, melt and droop by the sheer 'hotness' of the new car. This is more like installation art than an ad campaign. Read more to see images.


Golden Drum Awards

Czech ad agency takes top honors at award festival - Leo Burnett Advertising Prague was named agency of the year for the third time in a row at the Golden Drum Awards in Slovenia. They won a Gold Drum for a print ad for the Association of Librarians of the Czech Republic called Crime and Punishment, Silver Drum for a Greenpeace commercial titled The National Anthem, and a Bronze Drum for a poster titled "Marilyn" for hairdressing salon James Hair. See these ads and other the winning ads at the Golden Drum site.


McCain goes back to 1979

Revolution Magazine reports that agency Glue London has developed the online drive to support the launch of a through-the-line campaign for McCain Oven Chips, along with a TBWALondon television commercial featuring Singleton in a spoof infomercial.


Jakob Nielsen talks net on The Advertising Show

Is your website weak? Hear Jakob Nielsen, noted as "the guru of web page usability" by The New York Times, talk about the role of a homepage and the future growth of the online ad environment. Nielsen has sold more than a quarter of a million copies of his books such as "Homepage Usability" in 22 languages. He holds 75 U.S. patents on ways of making the Internet easier for normal people. Some of his previous affiliations include Bell Communications Research, the Technical University of Denmark, and the IBM User Interface Institute.
Need a website makeover? Shane Ginsberg, managing director of AKQA San Francisco, explains how you can protect your brand in web development and the most common web design mistakes. Ginsberg, a former founding partner of Razorfish, has worked in new media and e-commerce for 10 years completing over 100 interactive projects for Microsoft, Cisco Systems, Genetech and Avaya. You can tune in Saturday 8-10 p.m. CET (2-4 p.m. EST) to for the live webcast. Or check out the commercial free archives


Mint Condition Copywriter for sale on Ebay

They've sold Gold Lions, SuperBowl ads and even Alex the art director.

Now is the time for a mint condition copywriter to be auctioned off, she even comes with accessories! The alfapet board game (this is an untranslatable Swedish copywriter joke) a citybike and a cool guitar! Ingenious strategic mind included, and an Art Director sidekick can be arranged.