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Songs for sale

The Houston Chronicle has an interesting article that shows the move in the music industry towards the belief that selling out is OK. The article starts off with the changes of Paul McCartney, who went from suing Michael Jackson for licensing "Revolution" to Nike in 1985 to this year appearing in a national TV ad for Fidelity Investments with one of his songs as a music track as well as a song in a Lexus ad (who also happens to be sponsoring his current tour.)


Truth in election posters?

It's election time again in Denmark, this time for the local major and city elections, and as usual the election posters scattered all over town have to be messed with.
During the last government election an artist on Nørrebro painted almost every poster in his neighbourhood so that they became colourful portraits, works of street art, instead of the usual smiling politicians. This time someone decided to unveil a particular politicians past.


Don't hate me because I'm DM

The Direct Marketing Association has launched a new website,, in the hopes of changing public perception of the direct industry, which was


The Haunting Ghost Of Walford

New Media Collective have created a gastly game for the BBC, it's an atmospheric ghost hunt round Albert Square. Yes, that Albert Square.


Art Directors Club 85th call for entries

Desire a shiny ADC Cube? The Art Director's Club has opened their call for entries for the 85th annual awards. A call for entry poster was created by Ernest Lupinacci and J.P. Richardson of Anomaly, NY and photographed by James Bareham.


BSUR commercial campaign for Glamour

The successful international women's magazine Glamour launched its Dutch publication September in the Amstel Hotel in Amsterdam, licensee G+J Netherlands picked BSUR to develop the magazine's strategy and multimedia launch concept. In September they aired television series on RTL4, in which eight candidates battled to become the new Dutch Glamour's star reporter, highlights could be seen on Now commercials, outdoor posters and advertisements continue the campaign, with the tag "my fashionality". Speaking of BSUR by the way, Dieuwke Reehoorn is back and now Creative Director there with Joost Perik.

Super adgrunts see the ads here.


Gap teaches how to give a favorite gift

For the holidays this year, Gap has created a mircosite, How To Give, "to ensure every Gap customer knows how to give a favorite gift."

Beyond their typical clothing gift options, Gap has teamed up with iTunes, and offers other items on the site from wallpapers to create your own coupons to e-cards. Gap will also be Gap the first retailer to have a branded Shopping Buddy on AOL Instant Messenger. They have also partnered with brands like Kodak, Borders Books & Music, and Waldenbooks.


Writer Guilds call for disclosure in promotions and product placement

Today the Writers Guild of America, West, and the Writers Guild of America, East, with the support of the Screen Actors Guild, will hold a news conference calling for a code of conduct for stealth advertising -- product placement and the weaving of products into story lines as key plotlines. The groups say that "the integration deceives audiences and forces writers and actors to do jobs they were not hired for." They are also expected to release a paper today which states:

"We are being told to write the lines that sell this merchandise, and to deftly disguise the sale as story. Our writers are being told to perform the function of ad copywriter, but to disguise this as storytelling."