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Ogilvy & Mather Trial = Guilty!

Mr. Early and Ms. Seifert were found guilty of conspiracy and fraud in the administration and work on the White House anti-drug office ad account in 1999 and will be sentenced May 16, face up to the five years in prison and a fine.
Currently they are both out on bail and it's it is unlikely that either defendant will see five years in prison. Back in 1999 Early and Seifert found out that the labour billings on the White House account were far
below what Ogilvy & Mather had anticipated, and decided to save face by instruction emploeyees to pad their timesheets.
Ms Seifert who left Ogilvy in 2002 to become president of the New York office of TBWA/Chiat/Day, hid her face in her hands when the jury read out the guilty verdict. It's unclear if the felony verdict will void her executive employment contract at TBWA.
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The heart of the defense's strategy turned out to be the testimonies of the defendants, who last week took the witness stand to make their case. However, those testimonies failed to dent the prosecution's case, despite its own shortcomings. For instance, the government attorneys often struggled to communicate exactly how much the government was overbilled. They also at times had trouble linking the defendants to the actions of lower-level employees, who largely inhabited the Ogilvy media department. Each defendant worked in other departments.

Viral marketings worst nightmare - Hoaxes

There is a big problem in the world of viral ads, viral hoaxes. How are we supposed to tell the difference when more often than not, a real viral campaign is released 'discreetly', giving bogus information in the whois and being completely non-transparent as to who really created the campaign. Just like a viral hoax. Countless virals don't spread on the web as in port 80 - but via IM and email as people attach films to their messages and pass them on. The only thing that can tell us who dunnit is the sender at the end of the clip - what if the end of the clip is lying? How is the viewer supposed to know? Remember what may have been the very first viral ever - the Rubberburner/ Currylink craze for Lee jeans? The WHOIS Information gave them away but many people did not know to look at the whois, and fell for the idea of rubberburner hook line and sinker anyway. The only thing that has really changed since then is that more often than not, the whois info is full of bogus info.

Take the recent "viral" campaign for Bryan Adams album called roomservice. Adblogs such as the well visited Adrants wrote about it, twice even - yet didn't know it was a hoax, despite the ads unappetizing drama. In the post Brian Adams Valentine Viral Vomit Follow Up Adrants Steve Hall said:

OK, so Valentine's day was two days ago and on that day, aside from Hallmark's website crashing, Bryan Adams revealed he was behind the disgusting Who Ordered Room Service viral video in which a waiter enters a hotel room and pukes all over a knecking couple enjoying some love on the bed. Yup, Adams' new album is called Who Ordered Room Service and somehow he thought the relationship between puking and promoting an album was a good thing.

It's a complete hoax, the ads were created by Frank Lesser and Jason Woliner directors in New York, just for the heck of it. No word yet if Bryan Adams plans to sue them. Why sully someone elses brand to propell yours (especially when you're not intitially taking credit for it)?

"Not by any stretch of the imagination has the ad been endorsed by Bryan Adams or his management company," said Tyson Parker, from Universal Music Canada.


Pony seen through Simon Wakelin's lens.

Fred Raillard and Farid Mokart, a.k.a Fred & Farid left Goodby Silverstein and Partners last week after having created the Pony Feet and Pony Family and the current Pony "Knock out" campaign... But what you haven't seen yet are the images that even Pony didn't dare to run. Simon Wakelin was briefed and shot some crazy warped images for Fred & Farid that we are pleased to show you here today. Read more to see Simons images.


Harry Egipts cult following, remix his ads.

At StevenF's blog there is a Hakkliha Remix Competition going on. Remember those Estonian and hungarian 1980s commercials we mentioned here a little while ago? The entire web has discovered Harry Egipts Estonian advertising gems and now there's a game going on - remix the surreal Kana Hakkliha chicken mince ad to new music and post the results to StevenF's blog. See if you can make it even weirder than the original.. It's hard to top...


Shocking sophmoric jokes ensures virals success

Interesting article at the new york times for you viral crazed folk. Interactive Viral Campaigns Ask Consumers to Spread the Word at the NYT

"The sophomoric, shock-driven work is going to predominate for a while," said Owen Plotkin, president at the Now Corporation in New York, an editing boutique for television commercials and viral productions that was host for the awards. "That's the easiest way to ensure people pass something along."

"It's really hard to make something so compelling that it makes people want to share," Mr. Plotkin said. "But that can happen, too, and it does happen."


Daytona 500 Commercials reviewed by FOX

Ad watch: Tracking Daytona 500 commercials

Another major sporting event, another boatload of brand-new commercials to check out.

All through the Daytona 500 we watched the commercials and kept track of the best and worst that money could buy.

Somehow I don't think it'll ever be as hyped as the Superbowl Commercials, but it's a nice try FOX. Hat tip to Claymore.


Mazda makes worlds longest ad in Tokyo

Possibly the worlds longest advertising poster was unveiled in Tokyo the 15th of feb. The long ad which features the Mazda Premacy, is on display in the Art Road underground walkway leading to Tokyo Station. The poster measures 311 meters (1,020 feet) in length, or "width" depending on how you look at it, and features sixty family portraits taken by Kishin Shinoyama. In all, 106 different images make up the poster, even celebrity couple Kei Shimizu and Miyuki Kosaka are in the ad as well as the photographer Shinoyama.


Don't Get Hoodwinked By A Counterfeit Mini

Crispin Porter and Bogusky is at it again with a new campaign for the Mini Cooper. The campaign gives all the info on how to spot a counterfeit mini, and promotes making the streets genuine once again.

Their ads lead viewers to visit, where there there is further information on learning how to distinguish a fake from a real mini.