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Cry me an iRiver

As with the X/Xtreme/eXtreme x-fever the i-fever has run high for too long now. Please, someone make it stop!

Frome Apple alone there's iMacs,iPods, iChats, iMovies and so on. Outside of the Jobs-cult there's iRiver, iName, iNet, iBank, iBus, iListen and good old ITV which had it's name long before the iHype. Not forgotten is the iRabbit vibrator, not to be confused with the irabbit from i-mockery.

These i-names are becoming as dated as the X-names, soon they'll remind us of an era long gone like the K-names of the sixties, Kwik, Kleen, Krispy & "Kremy", Krunchy etc. Or the seventies era "2000" names on any and all household appliances, or the 50's fascination with "o-rama", as in bowl-o-rama and swing-o-matics. It was an era when the stuff in the tack-o-rama was cool rather than camp. iRestmycase.


This is a big ad. A very big ad.

Over at bigad.com.au you can view one of the biggest ads of the year. If not the biggest ad in the world. Or the biggest ad ever. It is, mighty mighty big! (Warning the site does not deliver film when you surf it with firefox, so sly foxers open it with Safari)

What is the ad about? Follow me to see at bigad.co.au or watch the Quicktime video in the archive.

Hat tip to Robert for sending me the link. Spoilers inside...


Kenyan MP's upset over raunchy condom adverts, consider new advertising bill.

"Condoms are inventions by mzungus (whites) and should therefore be banned! " the Kenyan MP Ramadhan Kajembe said Thursday according to Mail&Guardian South Africa.

He continued his rant with saying that condoms are also painful to put on and that he finds advertisements for condoms offensive. Gor Sungu, another MP joined in the hate-debate and said that Kenya's censorship law, dating from 1963, is outdated and does not address the ethically reprehensible nature of some advertisements. He said modern advertisements aired on television are corrupting the morals of Kenyans. Many MP's agreed and a motion for a regulatory body has been made.


Johan Camitz's killer finally in court.

Lil' Kim's ex boyfriend Damion World Hardy and members of his crew were indicted yesterday on federal charges of alleged drug dealing and murders. NY Daily News, and SOHH write:

Davis was shot twice in the back outside Club NV at Spring and Hudson Sts. in SoHo on Aug. 10, 2000. Davis, who later died from his wounds, tried to flee in a car, but lost control and killed an innocent bystander; Austrian filmmaker Jhoan Camitz.

It's been five years since we posted "Johan Camitz died yesterday, hit by a car after a shootout", telling the bizarre tale of the shootout which killed a driver of a Range Rover, which then ran over Johan.


Tsunami-filmer in Khao Lak bankrupts without payment for his film

I'm sure you remember the many eyewitness films that spread across the worlds newsoutlets after the Tsunami in 2004, many showing how people were dragged away by the masses of water. One film shows how the water left the beach, only to return as a giant wave and engulf a man who was standing on the beach, perhaps too shocked to move or unaware of what was coming right at him. The man is not seen again in the footage.

Like eveything that once hit the newspapers or airwaves, you can find it on the web. The rather iffy website Wave of destruction has said film here under the name Tsunami-Hits-Khao-Lak. At the very end of the film, you'll se a tiny blipp of an interview with Arunkul Charoenkul.

Arunkul Charoenkul filmed the waves destruction from his Café at the beach. The cafe, which could have been an economic goldmine in any other years tourist season, is located right off the beach with outdoor seating and shading trees. It's desolated this year. Arunkul sold one time airing rights to both Australian and Thai TV of his film for 500 dollars, and made some money that helped save the café and all of his employees while they had to keep the café shut the weeks immediately following the disaster .
But the film has since aired thousands of times across the world, and Arunkul Charoenkul who still owns all the copyrights for his film, has not given permission to anyone else to air nor received payment for their airing. Come October, he might have to close his cafe, unable to afford it another season.


Mott's Clamato And The Ad Gone Bad..

Quote From: Steve Hall's Adrants

Clearly a sign the GoDaddy-like, too-hot-for-TV, banned commercial strategy to milk press has jumped the shark, Motts has aired a spot for its Clamato juice featuring, simply, the brand's logo, official sounding text indicating the ad was deemed too racy for broadcast and a plea to visit the Mott's Clamato juice website to, surprise, view the commercial. A tipster points out, humorously, when attempting to view the video, all one sees is "Error 509 Bandwidth limit exceeded." Apparently, the spot's too hot for the web too.


Ride 'em cowboy monkey!

Whiplash is a 19-year-old Capuchin monkey from Texas. He saddles up on a border collie named Ben, wears a sombrero, and rides to the rescue bearing Mexican fast-food.

At least in the ads. Whiplash was a genuine cowboy-monkey riding the rodeo circuit before he was cast as the food saving hero of the Taco John's ads last year. Like any star Whiplash has his own site at whiplashrides.com, and his own acting quirks: Don't make eye contact with him. On the first day of the first shoot the guy playing the Taco John's employee learnt this the hard way as he took three claws to the cheek. As long as you don't stare whiplash down, he won't lash out.

Whiplash is the answer to Minneapolis-based Kerker ad agency prayers, he's a popular repeat character that has given the brand an 11 percent sales growth in the past year. Copywriter Terry Thomas who first spotted him at the rodeo last year must be well chuffed with his casting of the monkey cowboy.


Blogs in Spaaaaaaaace!

Well, as soon as we heard about it we simply had to do it, we signed up over at Blogs in space and supposedly this posting is being blipped out into deep space via a "powerful earth-based satellite broadcast" so that aliens may read this blog.
The press release states:

"I've always believed that other intelligent life forms are out there, and now, for the first time, they will be able to peer into the life of average Homo sapiens," explained Ted Murphy, President and CEO of MindComet. "We are giving bloggers the opportunity to send a piece of their lives into space to potentially connect with extraterrestrials."

Right, well it's a clever way to get hundreds if not thousands of bloggers to mention the StudlyCapped brand name MindComet. ;) Ted also says "refrain from language or content designed to provoke our alien neighbors".. Uh-huh, well lets hope that our earthly ads don't offend as many aliens as they do little old ladies in Hastings.