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Apple Cans Second Switch Campaign

For over a year Apple had been planning to produce a new series of Switch ads featuring people who connected with Apple for the first time by purchasing an iPod and then went on to purchase a Mac.


Brands get consumers involved in advertising

It seems lately that there has been a rash of ads advertising contests or competitions to get consumers to do some creative work for brands.

Most recent brands to add to the list are Ban deodorant, Chrysler, and Timex watches.

Ban has an online contest where consumers can submit custom ads based on their current campaign...illustrating what they'd like to ban or what spokesperson and MTV VJ Hilarie Burton wants to ban. They provide images or you can upload your own. Winners will have their designs featured in the next national ad campaign.


The Girl in the Moon for Miller High Life

Tonight during Survivor, Miller High Life is bringing back the girl in the moon which has been on the beer's packaging since 1907. Wieden & Kennedy's new campaign replaces the "High Life Man" campaign that has been running since 1997.


Animated sitcom for Lavazza coffee

Italian coffee brand Lavazza will be launching an animated sitcom featuring Carmencita, a character that starred in the ads in the 60s.


Sun microsystems ads "too controversial"

The creative generalist tips us to the new SUN campaign that has proven "too controversial" for the Wall Street Journal due to it's language. See Sun's own press release here: Sun Censored but Not Silent. Featuring headlines like: In independant lab tests versus Dell, Engineers concluded it saves 56% in energergy costs. They also concluded; Now that's what we call an ass-whoppin'. wonders what the fuss is about. *yawn*


Oh dear, we found another copy for the copied copier service advert.

Well, the "I've seen that before"-bell has rung loud and clear,there's another recent poster series for a copy-shop that sold it's service by simply copying stuff that happened to be in the vicinity of the poster. Like park benches.


Not all product placements are wanted

The makers of Stinking Bishop cheese are concerned with the effect the placement of their product could have the new Wallace and Gromit film, The Curse of the Were-Rabbit. The Wallace character is a cheese loving fella and in a prior film when he expressed a fondness for "a nice bit of Wensleydale", turnover at that cheesemaker soared.


Coca Cola tries to be exclusive

Armchair Media has created some funky new bottles for Coca Cola. They asked 5 design groups from 5 continents to create and share visions of optimism.
Part of the launch includes a website, with the design debut, where to buy and a list of the designers. The bottles will appear at the trendiest lounges and night clubs. (Images inside)