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More caroling from ad agencies, Porkpies greatest hits

Not to be outdone by Publicis, Porkpie Hat go on a caroling quest of their own. Interrupted only by the drejdel song, which reminds me that there is a Hey Ya Hannukah flash film out there, sung by Eric Schwartz.


Glossing over evil on Comedy Central

Comedy Central has somehow managed to rope in Ernest Lupinacci in an episode called "glossing over evil". Watch it here if you are equipped with Windows Media Player.
Don't know Ernest Lupinacci work? Have you not seen Shatner in the priceline commercials?


Brand Republics top ten best ads 2004 list

Brand Republics list of the ten best ads this year is topped by that catchy tune singing flying diesel engine noise hating ad called "Grrr". Hate something make something better, good enough to be the best ad in 2004! You can see the film at and download the ad in .zipped QT form.

(see also the game that went with it.)


Tattoo you - real ink tatADS have arrived.

Look, when Pigeon-Holed was published back in 98 and we suggested that the New-Age creative favorite medium was "one that has never been used such as tattooing", we weren't saying that you should do that. MM'Kay?

But it was bound to happen wasn't it? After that wacky guy said sponsor my melon, headvertising, pregvertising, and even assvertising arrived on the scene.


Seth Godin shares his Fonk for Thoughts...

BlogFonk: If you'd be given the chance to do something over again, what would that be?

Godin: I wouldn't have gone skiing on January 2, 1976, when I wrecked both my shoulders. But there's not just one. I also would have made sure that the email campaign we did for AOL and American Express in 1997 wouldn't have been accidentally swapped with one for Arrid Xtra Dry deodorant.

Did I mention the one about wearing a white suit to school?


Converse film shorts

Converse is looking for you to make a film that "embodies the values and spirit of Converse." If your film is chosen to be used as an ad, you will get $10,000. Not too shabby. And much better than some of the other "make an ad for free" type things we've seen recently. All films must be 24-seconds. They will not be edited except for films chosen for TV use will have a 6-second tag with the Converse logo added on at the end. Some of the films are already airing on MTV and other channels.

In the Converse Gallery you can check out the already submitted films, and sumbit your own.