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Fred & Farid heart Marcel = true!

Curious when I read yesterdays news I had to go and ask them, "So boys, what's this about you starting a new shop?"

Fred&Farid "We're launching a new international creative agency, based in Paris. The name of the agency is "Marcel". It belongs to the Publicis Group, but is totally independent in its functioning. We will be the Presidents of the agency, and will report to Maurice Levy. This agency is an "integrated agency" treating all media (advertising, design, web design, direct marketing...)"

The name Marcel is very symbolic as Publicis' founder was Marcel Bleustein-Blanchet. Read on for the story of where they've been, what they've done and where they are going with this new agency.


Fred + Farid launch Publicis-backed creative shop

According to Brand Republic, the French duo are looking to challenge other mid-sized creative shops like Mother.

Actually, Mother was the only agency specifically named.

Maybe it's Freudian.


Night Agency interviewed in Gothamist.

The Gothamist have interviewed three wet behind the ears creatives who have opened their own shop in NYC.


Multicultural ad pros are in demand, presenting unique recruiting challenges

With multicultural marketing becoming ever more prevalent, agencies are on the prowl for the best talent around. But agencies are also insistent on a level of authenticity, which can bring up delicate issues.

"In a consumer-focused business like advertising, diversity and demographic expertise matter," said Raquel Sanabia, Multicultural Recruiter at Talent Zoo, an Atlanta-based advertising and marketing recruitment firm.


Bars a plenty for mobile phone companies

This badlander is a confusing story. Bars seem to be a very common theme in mobile communications. And there's evidence that either these ads are all being influenced by one international company, GSM, or if Cingular and Telefonica are just copying concepts.

Read on for more...


Ad Trophies - Send an award to someone who needs it

This is a hoot! adtrophies.com lets you build and send an award to that special someone...


Citroen CV2 - dancing citroen spoof

Alex Mallinson over at X-bam illustration decided one day to mock that dancing Citroen ad and got busy. In five days he managed to create the bulk of it all, 16 hours of car/robot construction, another 16 hours animating that, 8 hours creating the carpark and then set it to render which took 8 days. So, in less than two weeks he managed to make this film, which mocks the original quite well.

The original Citroen "transform".


Trigema - "Made in Burladingen"

Trigema, Germany's largest t-shirt and tennis clothing producer is running an adamant anti-globalization spot on German television featuring a talking chimpanzee. The chimp assures us that Trigema products are made in Germany, by Germans and that the 1,200 Germans working at the Trigema factory in the German town of Burladingen are "safe" as their jobs will be kept in - of course - Germany.
Now the fact that it's a chimp giving this "ein Volk" pitch may lead you to believe that this spot is a parody of sorts. Not so.