3 days after artists death a pharmacy uses his quotes on facebook - Swedes terribly upset.

Journalist and musician Kristian Gidlund 'I'm just a guy who got cancer, nothing else', whom you may know from the band Sugarplum Fairy and their song "She", lost his battle with cancer on Tuesday this week, only four days short of his 30th birthday.

In 2011 Gidlund was diagnosed with stomach cancer, which put him in in immediate intensive treatments. He launched a blog called "I kroppen min", eng: "Inside my body", where he shared his thoughts and journey through the chemo. He also did an interesting Vice interview with Sweden's formerly worst serial killer in history, before said serial killer was exonerated from all eight counts of murder that he was previously convicted of.

Today, Apoteket Hjärtat - a chain of pharmacies - made the mistake of quoting Kristian Gidlund on Facebook. Fans flipped out, expressing that they were disgusted that a corporation would use his poetic phrase only three days after his death.

The 'ad' reads:

Don't work too much.
Don't tlet the feelings stay in your chest.
Talk. Don't argue about money.
Dare to say no. Dare to say yes.
Paradise can be a place on earth.
The adventure awaits, if you want to.

The communications manager of Apoteket Hjärtat, Jonas Mjöbäck, told DN that the publication was a mistake.

- I can only conclude that there have been very strong reactions. I have to the person who put the the picture up, and it was done with the best intentions. But it was all wrong, there is no doubt about it.

The image has now been removed, and another social media manager has probably gotten scolded for their stupid. As lovely as the quote may be, associating your pharmacy brand with a man who didn't even reach his 30th due to illness should have triggered an obvious bright red flag of NOPE before ever hitting the facebook page.

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