30,000 and mounting


30,000 and mounting

Just thought we'd let you know that AdLand's Commercial Archive lurched past the 30,000 mark this week. That's a heapin' helpin' of Quicktimey goodness, and more commercials are a'comin' every week, so.... well... so there ya go. Woot!


..... and in the great tradition of positive 'word of mouth', as I solemnly declare that I'm not part of any Adland 'buzz mktg' programme, I'd really encourage everyone who uses this amazing site / community to sign-up to be a "Super Adgrunt" so that you can view any of the TVCs/ commercials any time you want.
It's great for academic, marketing or agency research - and even better for settling arguments with family, friends and colleagues.
The best bit of all though? The price...... 2 euros per month is peanuts guys - if you work in an agency you'll know what I mean. The cost to have access to a vast commercial archive like the Adland one can be enormous from other sources.
Two euros per month for all you can eat .... sounds like fast-food heaven, and a dietician's heel to me :)

*mwah*! - I'd kiss you but I have a cold.

Oh go on then - you can still kiss me, I've taken my Vitamin C, echinacea and garlic tablets :)

Seriously Dabitch, you and the crew do a terrific job and perform an outstanding service for the global community of AdGrunts - keep on doing that good thing that you do!

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