"36% of consumers think that brands endorse YouTube’s offensive content"

In light of recent news about the Youtube/Google advertising exodus, Adweek commissioned Survata to run an online poll and found that 36% of consumers think an ad is an endorsement by the brand. There were 502 respondents, but the most important question had only 69 responses, and the results are a mixed bag.

In summary, the questionnaire shows that enough people (36 percent) view ads as endorsements by brands to cause concern among marketers. At the same time, 55.1 percent of survey participants said their opinion didn’t change about such brands.

"One thing does seem obvious—of all the types of offensive content, racist videos seem to be YouTube’s biggest problem in cleaning up the platform," Adweek's writer Christopher Heine says to end this article. We'd have to agree. But it will be difficult for Youtube to boot Francesca Ramsey's Decoded from the platform as MTV is quite popular. Snark aside, there are recordings of very controversial Imams like Anjem Choudary, Syed Muzaffar Shah Qadri and Sayed AlGhitawi preaching that are uploaded to youtube by organizations who follow and promote these Imams, so YouTube have their work cut out for them, even if most of the internet will only worry about videos produced in English. As such channels mushroom on a daily basis, a "cleaning" won't be happening without running into issues. But anything that gets media attention is likely to get demonetized as YouTube do their best to win the trust of advertisers back.

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  • Dabitch's picture

    Remember, kids, the data will admit to anything if tortured long enough.

    Apr 01, 2017
  • Wist's picture
    Wist (not verified)

    Best not to put too much stock into a survey of 69 people. It shows it's worthwhile to do a broader survey, but not enough to affect massive purchasing decisions decisions on its own.

    Apr 02, 2017
  • sport's picture

    Survata should be embarrassed their name is associated with such a amateur online poll.

    Apr 03, 2017

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