9/11 flag - Never forget


Today marks the 40th anniversary of the Chilean coup, ten years since the murder of politician Anna Lindh, and 12 years since the twin towers fell in New York city. Shawn Couzens aka AbbaSez, shares a graphic he's made for the latter, I'll let him explain:

"Like so many of us in advertising, I was headed into our NY office on 9/11 when terror struck the towers. This year, I wanted to create something in remembrance of the tragedy.
The day after the tragedy, one of the New York newspapers printed a full-page picture of the American Flag. I saved that piece of newspaper for years, and used it in this graphic…slicing the corners of the red and white stripes to create the illusion of the Twin Towers.
I wanted to merge the towers with the American Flag because although we lost part of ourselves that day, America stands tall. We're stronger than ever, and our flag is a symbol of our collective strength.
I realize it's not an ad, but wanted to share it anyway."

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