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Previously we wrote about the Ad Free Blog banner a that we had found at Stay Free Magazine, where we also spotted the No Ads Ring. The writer and friends of utopianhell have thought long and hard about the business of being ad free.

If I were to place ads and take payment for them, the transaction is then between me and the advertiser. I am still selling a product, but in this case I'm selling the eyes of my readers to the advertiser. It gives me a profoundly creepy sensation to realize that my eyes are being sold over and over again, but that is modern advertising. It is my belief that your eyes are not mine to sell, and I won't.

I believe polluting the landscape with ads forces us to create more clutter to cut through the clutter. To scream louder to be heard by our small target. I believe less ad creep is good. I hoped that the potential of the internet was targeted ads, not visual spam. But what do I know I'm am only a creative and not a media exec.

Werbeblogger (one of the contenders in the battle of the ad blogs - nudge nudge!) wonder out loud: Do we count? as they are an ad free blog that writes only about ads!

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    "But what do I know I'm am only a creative and not a media exec."

    You don't have to be a media exec to understand clutter. That's what much of those things become. And the problem for blogs is that the main reason people are coming to the pages gets lost among all the screams.

    Jan 26, 2006

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