Ad gone astray?


Ad gone astray?


What is going on here? Shot like a cheesy liquor ad, copy that is all over the place, and a very strange looking dress (especially at the shoulders).

Got an idea what's going on? Post a caption/comment for the ad that might explain it.


New ways to use feminine hygine pads- Drool protectors for your shoulders when the men hover around you trying to pick you up. ;)

Looks like the result of the deadly combination of a heavy-handed client, wimpy creative director, and misguided account service drones...

Yes you silly bint - there on your shoulders.
Oh well bugger me backwards; I wonder who put them there?

See evil baby - top right!

Eliminating odor totally. Can be used instead of deoderant?

Or they want to show that with ordinary ones it's like putting them on the shoulders (they are seen).

I go with Copywhore. Bad ad-job.

Clearly the whole dress is made from left-over pantyliner-packaging - now that she uses Playtex she doesn't need them anymore! ;)

"Sorry guys, but i'm going home with her. She's so great to me, she even made me this dress."

Only love is that blind.

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