The ad truth is out there.


caffeinegoddess told us about: Brita claims tap water is dirty - upsets water providers

The Canadian Water and Wastewater Association has filed a complaint with the Advertising Standards Council.

The Advertising Standards Canada has been running an ad in London, Ontario, Canada for the past few months. Although many of the ASC ads have been replaced with other ads, I was able to track-down one of the remaining ASC ads in the city still on display. (image inside)

Caption: The Canadian Code of Advertising Standards helps ensure that the ads you see and hear are truthful, fair and accurate.

How does that old saying go?

“You should only believe half of what you see, and none of which you hear.”

The ad truth is out there.

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    Correction: the ad photo is from Advertising Standards Canada not Advertising Standards Council. My typing error.

    Jul 09, 2006

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