Adidas a3 Gigaride- similar ads to Puma?

It's definitely not a case of badland, but when I first saw Adidas' new spots for their a3 Gigaride I did experience a bit of deja vu. I instantly thought of Gyro's GBH's Puma campaign from the beginning of last year. In one way it's a bit odd as these ads are not your usual Adidas fare. A tiny bit of digging, and I found that both Adidas and Puma are owned by brothers but not by the same parent company. So perhaps that's it. Could it be some subliminal way to tell the world they are linked? Nah.

More spots inside for you SuperAdgrunt folk.

Adidas a3 Gigaride - Rhinos

Adidas a3 Gigaride - Frogs

Puma- Bird 2004

Puma- Ants 2005

Puma- Bee 2005

The others in the campaign included: Puma - Butterflies, Puma - Chimp, Puma - Mice, and Puma - Deer".

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  • garbahnzo's picture

    I agree. Some other really fun ads involving animals are the ones from RPA for the Honda Element!

    Mar 26, 2006
  • suddenwaffle's picture

    adidas and Puma aren't under the same company. Two brothers started each company and now they're kind of like rivals. As for these latest gigaride ads, I don't see much similarity beyond the use of animals for a shoe. The gigaride ads look like a metaphor for what the sole is, the Puma ads focus on the feature. Fun ads though.

    Mar 06, 2006

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