Adidas vs Douwe Egberts

"Don't you ever get tired of pairing up those Badlanders?" some people say. "Don't you know that twin ideas can just happen?" protest the defensive ones.
Sure I know that, I say that, and sure sometimes I'd rather have an ice-lolly than make another Badland pair... But then again there are other times when I just roll my eyes and wonder who was the lazy-ass bastard to fall so deep into demo-love that you can hardly tell the copy apart from the original.

Like this time.

Original: Adidas ad from 180, Amsterdam in 1999 uses the soundtrack from the Fat Boy Slim album so hip at the time, panning shots of activity on slow motion and a super in the middle of each shot that flips around against the movement of the shot. Very cool look, though a tad difficult to explain. Super adgrunts just click the image to see this ad.

Adidas take what you want

Copy - thirty minutes metro-ride away in the drab landscape of Amstelveen someone at BBDO must have had a seriously bad case of demo-love. They took the shots, the supers font-movement and even the soundtrack and did the same thing a year later. Unable to afford the real deal (like real creatives) they skimped on it all, down to the soundtrack which is a very good sound-alike to Fat Boy Slims "Right here, Right now."

Douwe Egberts

In this case I won't say that the twins just happened. I think this was ripped off to the T. It's an educated guess. You may think whatever you like.

I'll just stand here and wag my finger at BBDO Amsterdam while saying "tut-tut, you HACKS."

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