Adland is currently invite only - and access everywhere for all adgrunts!


Adland is currently invite only - and access everywhere for all adgrunts!

Well hey there, y'all are probably wondering what the heck I'm doing to the place. Well I got good news for all currently signed up adgrunts. All seventynine-odd thousand of you can watch all ads in the commercial archive for free for the next fortnight.

"Butbut", say the super adgrunts, "what about us?" Oh you have it better of course, you'll get an entire month added to your accounts, so after these two weeks you're still a month ahead!

Ok, so what's the bad news I hear you asking. Funny you should mention, it's not really that bad - but you have to have an invite from someone who is already an adgrunt if you want to create an account and watch 39000 ads for free these next two weeks. But chances are that you do know someone who has a login, there are so many signed up here already....

Adgrunts, this is where your geeky adfetish pays off, if you invite your pals they'll not only be chuffed, both of you will earn brownie points, a karma-type system I figure we can do something fun with later. You earn brownie posts for every rating and comment and post you make, as well as every invite you send.

So why the sudden rebuild? Oh, I shant bore you all to tears with the niggly details but there was just one bug too many in our system and I needed to get it fixed asap. Meanwhile, one of our modules, specifically the upgrading one needs to be redone again and that will take me a while.

So I thought, what the heck, let christmas come early to all the faithful adgrunts, let them access it all while I fix that. Knock yourselves out.

Regular adgrunts have a few invites to share while super adgrunts have twenty. See, super adgrunts still get the vip-treatment. More invites accepted = more brownie points. Though, it's going to take a long while before anyone knocks Clayton off the top spot.

Have fun.

update!! the access-for-all is over now.


Thank you for the access! I'll blackmail all my co-workers to be nice to me since I have twenty invites. 

Io sono un clown e faccio collezione di attimi - H.Böll

Despite having nothing to say about this I feel compelled to comment just to earn two brownie points. Mmmmm... brownies.

Clayton has just under 4 times as many brownie points as Dabitch - Doesn't he do anything besides post on Adland???

Keep 'em coming, Clayton ;->

"Remember, no matter where you go... There you are." (Buckaroo Banzai).

Sheesh. It's getting so that a sentient mishmash o' freeware can't even turn its metaphorical back for a minute without somebody talking about it.

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