AdLand's Ad Battle I - The Fantasy Football Fracas

Ok, we're going to try something a little different here for our Superadgrunts - our first official AdLand Ad Battle. It's quite simple. We've taken two campaigns that are duking it out against each other and brought them here to continue the scrimmage. Your comments determine who wins and loses. Why? Because we know some of you are just dying for an outlet for sharing your incredible insights into advertising psychology and sociology. As for the rest of you.... well, it gives you an opportunity to be smartarses.

For the debut, we're pitting NFL Fantasy Football against ESPN Fantasy Football. We've gathered a handful from each campaign for your consideration. Is it boys versus girls? East versus west? Suburban versus utopian? You're about to find out. Continue for more... (Superadgrunts only)

On this side, we have NFL Fantasy Football.

Here be da players - Choices - 4 To Watch - Nice Pick - 40 Time - Butchered

On the other side, we have ESPN Fantasy Football.

This way to the spots - Shoes - Cake - Pillow Fight - Weird - New Friends

So, in your humble or not-quite-so-humble opinion, who won? Leave your comments and stand back.