Adobe stands against bullying. Are bullied on twitter for it.

Adobe, the creators of creatives favorite tools have sponsored Behance's Bully Project Mural, a social action campaign inspired by the award-winning film BULLY.

Ironically, this is now getting them bullied on twitter.

Adobe, who brought us GSP's "woo woo" which practically spoofed ello before it even existed, and who are rapidly becoming the suits' favorite tool too with the marketing clouds apps available, are no strangers to the rapid waves of the internet and technology, but this may have caught them by surprise. All it took was this tweet stating "we are not an advertiser with Gawker," for hordes of people to charge them in response.

Yes, they've stumbled into #Gamergate, the mess I warned y'all about in insulting consumers shrinks the market over a month ago, and that I compared to the moral panic that killed my comic career in the 90s just last week. You see, Gawker writers are cracking bullying jokes on twitter, and being dismissive/offensive to feminist authors, and people are taking notice. So much so, that Mercedes pulled their ads last week which they confirmed, and then told Washington Post that they reinstated them this week. Meanwhile Gawker Internal Memos asks writers to stop joking around on twitter, and Max Reid told Agency Spy that Mercedes wasn't an advertiser at all. How confusing!

Either way, it's damned if you do, and damned if you don't at this point, and it doesn't matter what your statement reads - take it from Intel - the feeding frenzy on twitter will interpret it any way they want. My advice is don't do what Raspberry Pi did, when they entered the piranha-pool for no apparent reason. Instead, make sure you know what to reply once the flurry of activity reaches your brand. Do what that guy in the holding cell of "Mean Streets" (below) does. Now, you better check, is your logo being used by Gawker media? We know Jaguar worked with Gawker for last years super bowl and the image (below) shows all brands that Gawker had on their advertising partner page just a few days ago.

Adobe - Mean Streets variant

(Edit Wed Oct 22 16:00 added embed of Adobes tweet at start of article)