Ads imitate cartoons at Cannes - again.


Ads imitate cartoons at Cannes - again.

Remember last year, when a "accidental" spot-on copy of a Far Side Cartoon won the Grand Prix Outdoor? (Or maybe, it was a just copy of a 1998 Peugeot ad....... ?) Course it could be all coincidence as they say - anyway, this year in Cannes another copy-of-a-cartoon won Bronze in the poster category. Oy vey. Cannes is going straight down the toons. ;9

ad for Camp Light Juice By agency age.comunicações, Sao Paulo - bronze winner Cannes festival, 2004. Their homepage.

Does it remind you of anything? To me it looks a lot like a cartoon I have here in an old copy of Bizarro magazine (Bizarro is a Swedish mag of mixed toons, like the far side, Dan Piraro's and whatnot, not to be confused with Dan Piraro's toonsite bizarro). Looks pretty much exactly like it.

Freaky how them coincidences happen, isn't it?



Yeah. That ad looks like it totally lifted the idea from the cartoon. The ads also remind me of this TV commercial:


Hacks. Not the toon-lifters as much as the cannes judges.

Yipes. Wonder why they didn't copy the bag with the posters and tape at the woman's feet too. ;)

You really can't expect much of any festival that puts people like Linda Kaplan Thaler on the jury.

If I'd know ripping off toons would get you shiny lions I would have put it in practice years ago.

Yep - notice that the ad has the poor puppy turned around as well, face out, unlike the (presumably suffocated) puppy in the grim toon. ;) The gag has been sanitized.

In the "you-didn't-ask-but-I-mention-it-anyway" department:

The toon shown is NOT a Far Side Cartoon.

Scratch that. My mistake that the far side cartoon mentioned was from LAST YEAR..

*sigh*.. I gotta learn to read ALL the words :)

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