After 26 years, Lowe and Stella part ways.

After 26 years of reassuringly expensive, Stelle and low split up reports the Guardian.

The decision, which affects the Lowe Worldwide network, ends a relationship begun by Sir Frank Lowe when he started the agency in the 1980s.
The beer brand's parent company InBev, which recently handed the advertising business for the launch of its new 4% Stella Artois variant to rival agency Mother, is understood to be set to hold a pitch to handle the business.

Lowe, which runs the Stella business from its London headquarters, will not be taking part in the pitch.

Where will Stella go with their new agency? While the commercials were always epic, Stella Artois has suffered a tarnished image in the UK, being blamed by health campaigners for the culture of binge drinking. While the ads showed a gentler time - albeit one where people would give up allied war pilots to save their beer, rather ungentle if you ask me - in reality Stella has a "wife beater" image together with cheap lagers. What tactic would you recommend dear adgrunt?

Still, it's one of the most famous brand and ad agency pairings - inside you can revisit some of the classic commercials.

Stella Artois - Red Shoes - (1996)

Stella Artois - Flower cart - (1995)

Stella Artois - the epedemic - (2002)

Stella Artois - Pilot - (2004)

Stella Artois - Surreal Bench (2005)

Stella Artois - Ice Skating Priests (2005)

Stella Artois - Train (2007)

Stella Artois - Author (2007)

Stella Artois - The Chase (2007)