AirBnB has a floating house available in London

Brothers and TBWA creative directors Nick and Steve Tidball created this floating house cottage that is making it's way around the river Thames. It's a two story building in bright blue, with a colorful mid-century modern interior, boasting two bedrooms, a bathroom and a living room, as well as its very own garden with a dog house. "Think Primrose Hill meets Pixar; it has all the charms of suburbia... but as you’ve never quite experienced them before." The floating house will be towed up and down The Thames for a week, serving as an ad to encourage Londoners to rent out their homes via AirBnB, and come 22 of May, you could stay in it - provided you win the competition announced on this page. You won't even have to cook, as Robert Ortiz, Michelin-starred head chef of Lima and Lima Floral will sort out dinner. How faboo.

Not the first strange apartment stunt for AirBnB, remember there was an apartment in an Airplane, there was an apartment in a cable car at a Swiss ski resort, and lets not forget the biggest stunt to date: the giant sleepover at Sydney Cricket grounds.

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