Alex Bogusky has a new book out and it's not about advertising!


Alex Bogusky has a new book out and it's not about advertising!


If anyone can sell Burger King Whoppers, Domino's Pizzas and a book on dieting, it's Alex Bogusky. He believes that to stay trim all you have to do is eat from a nine inch plate. So if your New Year's resolution is to lose weight, and you're a Crispin Porter fan, stock up on some nine inch plates and throw away all your foot-long hot dogs.

Alex Bogusky doesn't think bigger is better. He believes we should think small—especially if we want to stay trim. The idea that if you eat less, you weigh less is hardly a new concept, but it's one that Alex has packaged into a tidy little eating plan and book, The 9-Inch Diet, that hits stores this week.


So the dieting book (adland post 08/20/2008) is for real? I was convinced it might just be another clever ploy to sell ... I dunno.. 9-inch whoppers. :)

It is being sold on Amazon, but something does seem a bit off....

So, let me see: eat less, and you'll lose weight. I has to take an ad-man to sell that to people!

I'm just starting work on a new book about a revolutionary new hangover cure: it's based on the premise that if you avoid alcohol, your hangovers will vanish overnight.

I've tried Alex's method and can confirm that OMG! I totally have no hangovers ever these days! It really works! Give him all your money folks!

*whisper* your cheque's in the post

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