Antoaneta Metchanova from Ogilvy Paris deals with logistics problems at Eurobest

Looking slightly shellshocked, Antoaneta Metchanova from Ogilvy Paris had the pleasure of trying to figure out how to get all those awards home last night. "I'm here all alone! How am I going to carry this?" Clearly keen on sharing the fun with her colleagues at Ogilvy she was texting everyone about it, and wishing they were with her in Amsterdam, not just for the ability to double as award-carrying helpers. "Can we take pictures of them? I should have brought a camera."

An award-winning damsel in distress, how could Adland not help her out?

"It's a pretty crazy time at the office, we're all very busy, and I'm actually here for work, so I came straight here, and this is how it worked out...."

-"So your lack of sleeping is not from being out partying at the agency open houses last night?" I probed "Not at all, I wish, but we are very busy, it's a crazy time at the office. It's good, the creative energy is up, and I guess this is the proof," she waves to her heavy souveniers, "It's a little overwhelming, but it's cool."

Arranging the awards for a good photo she recounts what they are all for "...and this one is for Agency of the year which is pretty overwhelming."

- You're going to have to get an extra suitcase" I sum up, and she laughs; "Yes, I think I'm going to go shopping tomorrow, I can't wait to share - bring these to the agency on Monday, it's going to be cool."

Congratulations again to Ogilvy, Paris and Antoaneta Metchanova for winning agency of the year at the Eurobest 2009.

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