"Are you beer body ready?" shortlisted in best use of digital billboards.

Congratulations are in order for Fold7, the ad agency that jumped on the chance to match Proteinworld's hotly debated "Beach Body" billboards with a digital version, right next to them, asking if you were beer body ready. They've been nominated to the Clearchannel UK shortlist in "best use of digital", and are competing against "Santander, Summer of Cycles" and Vodafone 4G.

The Santander, Summer of Cycles digital billboards used the technology available in the billboard to show passers by how far it was to the nearest bike docking station, while also using realtime bike availability data. The idea was created by WCRS, London.

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  • Mark Neuman's picture
    Mark Neuman (not verified)

    The only clever part of that was running it next to the Proteinworld ad.

    Mar 24, 2016

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