AT&T's kids talk vs Ally bank and that free pony - so easy even a kid would Badland it


Adweek has a an article up : How AT&T Got Kids to Make Some of the Year's Best Ads where they talk about BBDO's "comic gold" campaign for AT&T, who shot it, how it's made and all that nitty gritty you like to read.
Last week an adgrunt tipped us to how similar AT&T's funny kids are to Ally banks funny kids back in 2009. I didn't feel up to posting it then, but now that I haven't been called "bitter" in about a week it feels like you don't love hate me no more so here we go, a semi-badlander.

Yes, I said semi. It's not quite there, but there's obvious similarities between man in suit talks to kids about banks with man in suit talks to kids about a cellular network. Here's another similarity, neither are the cloying annoying sort of thing that can happen when kids are cast as the star in ads, they're both good work. Ally however shows that kids aren't fooled, and neither should you be, while AT&T relies on kids being their illogical selves for random funny that will underline "it's not complicated". Both rely on the old idiom "so easy even a kid gets it" at the core.

In short, I like them both, and I wouldn't badland them but I was tipped so I guess people want to discuss this. For those wanting to throw rotten tomatos at me, the line forms to the left.

Ally Bank - Pony (2009)

AT&T - It's Not Complicated / High Fives

AT&T tree house

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