Audi "The comeback" (2016) 1:26 (Germany)

Aw. Poor T Rex became a laughing stock thanks to social media and his tiny little hands. He got depressed and everything. But then one day he sees an Audi -- a piloted driving Audi-- and now he's back. Really fun storytelling here.
So simple and yet it takes you on a really nice journey to get there. This totally made my morning.

Client: Audi AG; Falco Münch
Agency: Razorfish
Executive Creative Director: Preethi Mariappan
Creative Director/Copywriter: Felix Stock,
Strategy Director: Kathrin Dariz
Copywriters: Anna Dressler and Fay Kornmeier
Executive Producer: Martina Lülsdorf, Julian Holland
Producer: Isabel Kast
DIRECTOR: Stephan Wever
DOP: Cezary Zacharewicz
CONCEPT & DESIGN: Sehsucht, Stink
VFX & POSTPRODUCTION: Sehsucht Hamburg
Editor: Stink, inhouse
3D: Daniel Jahnel, Timo von Wittken, Ulf Gieseler, Jannes Kreyenberg, Jakob Schulze-Rohr
Rigging: Martin Chatterchee
Compositing: Florian Zachau, Jona Maluk
Sehsucht Producer: Jan Tiller, Stephan Reinsch, Felix Niehoff
COLOR GRADING: Electric Theatre
Music composer: Meik de Swaan
SOUND FX & MIX: Hesse Studios Berlin
Mixing-Engineer: Lukas Walter

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