Bad billboards. Bad, bad billboards.


Bad billboards. Bad, bad billboards.


A New Zealand steak house is in a pickle over a cucumber, and wiener-wear unwraps woes in Dorchester.

(Oof. And that, dear friends, is why I don't write for a newspaper.)


Has anyone out there just said the hell with it and put up a billboard with a giant photo of an actual penis?

"Here's a penis. Please buy our product and/or service."

Yes. ;P this is a poster that I did, however finding the fully super-erect penis stock photo wasn't easy lemme tellya...

For backstory & campaign, scroll down here.

Very dorky.

I should've known better than to pose such a question in the wonderful world of Adland.

Dabitch, sometimes I wish you wouldn't be so damn good at delivering the goods.

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