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Check it out - a bit of a flashback from Adidas-- so soon after the other one as well: Straight to the moon.

The two Sonics ones are from ddb Seattle from three years ago -- The other three are from an Adidas campaign that is just launching.

Not too much of a surprise (the concept fits basketball after all,) but strikingly similar none the less. All revealed inside!

First up, Sonics "It takes five" (above)

Next up, Adidas "five." (Below)

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  • philmang's picture

    the other funny aspect of the adidas campaign - 5ive is a boy band that's been around since 1999...

    google serves up this on a "5ive" search:
    Not exactly basketball...

    Oct 22, 2006
  • Plywood's picture

    Chalk it up to an unfortunate coincidence, not sinister copycatness.
    Nobody outside Seattle would ever have seen that local campaign for the Sonics.

    I'm also tired of the stick a nmber into the spelling thing.

    Oct 23, 2006

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