Badland get watered down - Big time

Good Grief - How blatant can you get?

Two products: Evian and Aquafina
Two awards shows: The 2002 Academy Awards and MTV 2002 Movie Awards
Two spots each.
Too many similarities to mention here, so read more to see more...

Slick nouveau animation? Check. Check.
Tie-in with awards show?* Check. Check.
Beautiful people doing beautiful things? Check. Check.
Cheeky Hollywoodesque dialogue? Check. Check.
Overpriced water? Check. Check.
The easiest Badland citation we've ever awarded? Check.

Must be something in the water.

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Aquafina 1

Aquafina wear nothing

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then move on to Evian 1 and Evian 2.

*The Aquafina spots and 2002 Academy Awards aired on March 24, 2002. The Evian spots are currently airing - the MTV 2002 Movie Awards airs June 1, 2002.