Banned TV Spot - John Woo style


Banned TV Spot - John Woo style


If account people don't kill a fun concept, then the lawyers will. This moving spot was banned from officially airing on television.


Next thing you know they'll put a restraining order preventing kids from playing cops and robbers...
Shame it's a brilliant ad. Who directed it?

Why exactly was it banned? It's no worse than what you see on some crappy CBS crime show? (Or in any PG-rated film, for that matter...)

Oooooooh! That was fun! Fantaboulous! Delish!

This is just brilliant - interesting though, it's so "Sony Playstation" in many ways - a bit of a problem if you're X-Box. However, I still love it, but do wonder whether its 'banned' status was actually 'on-strategy' from the beginning.......... mind you, I'm just an old cynic :)

damn good previous before me, shame it was banned... but probably planned....

I think stealthman and shmulikber are correct - we need a word for a planned ban. Planban. Blanned? Meh! Any wordsmiths feeling creative? Lets add it to the dictionary!

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