The Barbarian Group are selling their table.

Last week the Barbarian Group thought it would be hilarious to confirm the sale of their "superdesk," in the wake of its demise, buyout, and jumping ship of partners after a long few months of executive exits meltdowns and more as Cheil bought the remains. Kind of reminds me of Sid Lee, who was also bought out in this case by Japan's Hakuhodo and closing their Amsterdam office.

This marks the end of fifteen years that started with groundbreaking work and ended with a load of PR and very little else.

"Margin-blowing sell off! The one. The only. The Superdesk.

Known to keep tribes happy, this one of a kind continuous desk features slight wear and tear (and tears). Can be sold in parts or as is.

It's big. How big? Literally 4,400 square feet of undulating, unbroken awesomeness to keep people and ideas flowing.

Additional uses may include BMX pump track, children's slide and outdoor dog park fun.

Interns and former CEO's can be provided to assist with move."

I guess you could hand it to them for trying to make light of the situation but with the number of layoffs this year, it seems super tacky. Perhaps the desk wasn't so super after all.

Now I'm not much on schadenfreude but it does remind me of this scene from 24 Hour Party People, so let this be your Ozymandias lesson for the night.

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