Bear hug vs Bear hug - who is inside that suit?

Lets start with this one, it's a pro-bono ad created and shot by Florian Meinberg in 2009 who explains: "it was a spec with no real client. I just liked my idea so much that I just had to shoot it."

AIDS / HIV info - The Bear (2009) :30

Inside the fluffy white bear is a really scary looking dude. Yikes.

and now, we have this one:

Pro Infirmis - Get closer - (2011) :90 (Switzerland)

Inside the bear is a man born with a handicap that clearly shows on his face. The guilting we as viewers get here is quite good. People wouldn't sit next to him on a bus. Ouch.

"The ECD of the agency called me personally to apologize. I even believe him, that he didn't know my film." says Florian. The ECD might now have, they have a lot on their plates, but the creative team who did it? Who knows.