Ben Affleck mocks self for Lynx / Axe "click" (2006)




Ben Affleck mocks self for Lynx / Axe "click" (2006)

Ben Affleck starrs in this Lynx ad- mocking himself. Nice one.

He clicks a counter each time a woman smiles or obviously flirts with him, rounding up a neat above hundred count at the end of the day.

Client: Axe / Lynx
Principal Talent: Ben Affleck



Jasper just pointed out to me that this ads premise is extremly similar to SFR - Groups - (2004) 0:60 (France)

to me, the most shocking revelation in this ad is, hold on, that Ben Affleck actually has a sense of humour! Who'd've thought????

I'm more shocked at the revelaion that women find that guy hot. Must be a movie-star thing.

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