Über Content Expands to New York, Hires Michael Lobikis


Hollywood based Über Content has expanded to the East Coast, opening an office in New York. Michael Lobikis, who Über concurrently named as East Coast Director of Sales, will operate from the new office.

"Phyllis and I have been looking for the right person to help us open a New York office for some time,” said Über Partner/Executive Producer Preston Lee. "After meeting Mike, we knew we had found the perfect fit; his experience really made him the right person for our new endeavor.”

“Also, our own creative offerings have grown,” continued Lee’s Partner and Executive Producer Phyllis Koenig. “We've signed three new directors in the last six months."

Those three new directors are improv pioneer Charlie Todd, UCB alum Lucia Aniello and comedy director Daniel Strange. Über Content has been one of the commercial production companies at the forefront of blending advertising with entertainment. Their unique roster of directors boasts some of today's hottest content creators who also happen to work as actors, artists, and writers, such as actor/director Fred Savage, and documentarian Eliot Rausch. True to form, Über recently announced that the original content series they produced for Vans (co-created and directed by Rausch), "Pass the Bucket," is slated to begin broadcasting on Halogen TV.

Lee and Koenig emphasized Lobikis’ unique blend of experience: "Mike has a reputation for thinking about advertising across platforms -- something that all of us at Über value," said Koenig. "He doesn't just offer talent to agencies; he helps pair directors with creatives to build entire marketing campaigns," continued Lee.

Among his most recent companies, Lobikis worked as an Account Executive with The Brand Gallery, a boutique digital agency in NYC that specializes in brand strategy for television. While at The Brand Gallery, Lobikis worked on several multi-platform campaigns for broadcast clients that included Showtime, Hearst-Argyle Television, ESPN and CBS. He has also represented both editors and directors at Spot Welders and GO Film on the East Coast.

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