BFG9000 serves up "Meta! Meta!" for Little Caesars

BFG9000 created this radio spot for Little Caeser's Deep Dish Pizza. But not only that. They turned it into a radio spot for Alan Varner, the actual guy who does Little Caesars voiceovers. Alan Does Voices, features the radio spot, and it also comes complete with an old tyme internet soundboard. Remember those?

I like to see Little Caesars hitting two important audiences: Those who were old enough to have a geocities page. And advertising navel gazers.

They even have a "what brought you here," voting widget that actually works. When I did it I was served up an ad for Blink 182 at The Cosmopolitan Hotel. Wouldn't it have have been truly inception-like if the ad were really for that? But alas, no, The widget is servin' up someone else's ads. At least Blink 182 and whatever other in-market ads in rotation will get some free media out of it.

Hopefully Mr. Varner will get some work out of it. He has a really nice voice. Check him out on

Gerry Graf, Chief Creative Officer
Eric Kallman, Executive Creative Director
Danny Gonzalez, Creative Director
David Suarez, Creative Director
Mike Motch, Copywriter
Austin Mankey, Art Director
Jonathan Vingiano, Creative Technology Director
Erica Kahr, Associate Producer
Audio Record and Mix by Heard City:
Dan Flosdorf, Jodi Levine, Evan Mangiamele, Eric Warzecha
VO talent: Alan Varner