Big ideas in small logos - twice.


Big ideas in small logos - twice.

Logo's are always a hard problem, big ideas in small fonts seem to work best. What happened here, a brainsync or homage to a classic Gill logo? You decide.

This is Bob Gills logo for AGM, also featured in Unspecial Effects for Graphic Designers, and Gills own portfolio for many years I'm sure.

You might recognize this one if you are a fan of Six Feet Under. It was concepted by Brian Short who also won an award for the great titles of the show, the Communication Arts Design Annual, Award of Excellence 2001.
This animates at the end of the show, the elephant starts out large, but then the much larger hand arrives in the shot. Considering the name of the company, it's quite possible that this is a homage to Gills old logo.

What do you think?



(O)(O) /boggle !!!!!!

That has to be a deliberate homage.

Yeah that's what I'm thinking too. Either way they're both cool.

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