"Birth of a nation" movie poster shows star in American Flag noose

A bold statement of movie poster design for Nate Parker's "Birth of a nation" shows Parker's character, Nat Turner, being hung by a noose made out of the American flag.

The movie, which Parker wrote, directed, starred in and produced, follows the story of Turner and his failed slave rebellion in the antebellum South. The new poster replaces the previous posters, which was a stylized version of the American flag with stripes made up of members of Turner's ill-fated slave revolt, and another where the American flag was made up by slave chains. (see below)

Movie posters are best a graphical emotion-stirrers, that communicate the films premise quickly. This latest one-sheet design for Birth of a Nation is, in my humble opinion, a home run. It's simple, graphic and affecting. Hopefully, there will be no misguided protests by "triggered people” - as we got when Fox had to apologise for the iconic X-men poster that showed Mystique held in a chokehold by Apocalypse - even though this is a movie that depicts real events in American history and not a comic book fantasy world.